The pros at Horderly share their secrets.
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A neatly organized spice rack—complete with uniform labels and matching jars—is the Holy Grail of tidy homes across the country. If you cook often or just have too many cooks in your kitchen, it's easy for even the best-laid organization plans to go awry. To finally tidy up our spices (and keep them that way), we asked the experts at Horderly for their professional advice. Their recommendation: start by decanting each spice into clear glass containers with labels. That way, you can spot the cinnamon or paprika at a glance, or read each label if you're not sure. Then, choose from three different spice organization ideas, depending upon the layout of your kitchen and if you have more drawer or cabinet space. Customize these methods to fit your home and how you cook.

glass spice jars with white lid
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First, Decant into Glass Jars


Step 1: Pour each spice into a see-through glass jar with a snap-on sifter lid. Not only will the uniform bottles look better when arranged in a drawer or on a shelf, but they'll all fit neatly on cabinet risers without having to make adjustments for containers of various sizes. 

Before you order, take stock of your spice collection and count out how many bottles you'll need. When in doubt, opt for extras so you'll be ready when new recipes call for different spices. 

SpiceLiner Spice Drawer Liner Roll
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Method 1: Custom-Cut Drawer Liners


If you're short on kitchen cabinets, but have drawer space to spare, convert an empty drawer into a spice rack. Cut a roll of soft foam liner to size, lining up each strip until the entire bottom of the drawer is covered. The glass jars above fit neatly in each channel, and the liner will keep each jar secured in place. 

Bamboo Expanding Spice Rack
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Method 2: An Expanding Spice Rack


When stored in a cabinet, spices that are used less often tend to get lost in the back. Then, when you go to do a deep clean, you discover three bottles of expired cilantro. 

To see exactly which spices you own and to prevent duplicates, opt for a tiered bamboo spice rack that expands to fit the width of your cabinet (up to 24 inches). Stadium seating for spices means meal prep just got a little easier. 

bamboo lazy susan
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Method 3: Try a Turntable


If you have cabinet space available for your spice collection, consider stashing the bottles on one or two wooden turntables. Give the turntable a quick spin to find the cumin or cayenne.