Clever Organizing Inspiration: Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas

Borrow these kitchen organizing ideas and storage solutions for your home.

If you've ever described your personal style as "modern farmhouse," then creative director and lifestyle content creator Sandra Morgan Downie should be on the top of your Instagram follow list. Through Sandra Morgan Living and social media, we get a glimpse into Downie's beautiful "modern vintage" home, including a renovated kitchen full of brilliant (and stylish!) storage solutions.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Shelf and Counter with spice rack, kitchen towel, measuring cups, cutting boards, and decorative items
Sandra Morgan Living

Design for a Tidier Kitchen

After project delays and living in a construction zone for months, all the thoughtfully considered details in the new kitchen are even more appreciated. Open shelving and glass-front cabinets for display-worthy dishware are balanced by plenty of cabinets and drawers to tuck away less attractive essentials. To help keep the countertop tidy, a brass bar with s-hooks holds measuring cups, while a marble tray corrals frequently used condiments. With storage baked right into the design plan, the kitchen is easier to keep organized. To retrofit your kitchen, borrow the stylish and space-saving ideas below.

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Divvy Up Drawers

expandable bamboo drawer divider in a Farmhouse Kitchen, showing kitchen tools and utensils organized
Sandra Morgan Living

When every item—from can openers to slotted spoons—has a designated spot, it's easier to keep the kitchen neat. Step one: Invest in an expandable bamboo drawer divider that looks custom-made for your kitchen.

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Conquer Clutter

Empty Marble Countertop Tray
Crate & Barrel

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: A tray is a game changer for a perpetually cluttered countertop. Use it to stash spices and condiments you reach for daily. And when the tray starts to overflow? You know it's time to put things away.

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Use a Portable Spice Rack

portable white tabletop spice container with wooden handle

With a sleek design and a built-in handle, this spice rack is easily transported from the kitchen counter to the dining room table. Just four inches wide, this compact organizer was designed for small spaces.

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Install a Pot Rail

Brass Pot Rail with Metal Pans and Spatula Hanging From It Using s-Hooks

A metal pot rail adds extra storage to your kitchen while utilizing often-overlooked vertical space.

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Buy Pretty Measuring Cups

4 Copper Measuring Cups Hooked Together on a Metal Ring
World Market

If you've installed a pot rail in your kitchen, choose sophisticated kitchen tools to display, like these copper measuring cups.

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Consider Well-Designed Cutting Boards

Marble and Wood Oval Shaped Cutting Board With Handle
West Elm

In Sandra Morgan Downie's kitchen, chic cutting boards double as décor. For the same effect, look for boards in eye-catching shapes and a mix of materials. Bonus: This marble and wood option will instantly elevate your cheese and charcuterie boards.

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