Steal the Best Ideas From This Epic Kitchen Reorganization

See how Simply host Haley Cairo revamped her kitchen trouble spots—and gave her space a fresh new look.

Simply host Haley Cairo has been documenting her kitchen reorganization and refresh, featuring key updates to help streamline consistent trouble spots like the pantry, under-sink storage, and the refrigerator. See how it all came together—you might just want to steal some of these ideas for yourself.

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Maximize your under-sink storage

Haley used slide-out chrome shelving and handy hooks, and installed touch lighting under her sink to make it easy to stash—and find—her favorite cleaning products under the sink.

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Pick smart pantry storage

Haley's pantry had some awkward, hard-to-reach corners. But with smart storage solutions like lazy susans, over-door shelving, and baskets, Haley was able to make use of every inch of space.

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Micromanage your drawers

Haley divided her kitchen drawers into very specific duties (i.e., serving utensils) to avoid that "throw everything in there" junk drawer that tends to become a black hole where things disappear.

Her favorite spot is the on-the-go drawer, which is her spot for stashing keys, sunglasses, wallets, and other things she needs whenever she heads out the door.

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Create a tea and coffee station

Organizing all of Haley's tea and coffee near the machine with easy-to-view storage, cup hooks to hold mugs, and trays to keep additional ingredients on hand made it much easier to enjoy her daily cup.

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Keep your fridge organization on track

It can be hard to keep things organized in a fridge, with its constantly shifting inventory. But Haley opted for some clever storage bins and created zones to help minimize waste.

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Freshen up the rest of the kitchen

You don't need to do a full kitchen reno to get a brand new look. By refurbishing the cabinets, updating the cabinet hardware and the kitchen lighting, Haley made a big change on a small budget. (Check out two of her favorite finds, below.)

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Savoy House Drake 10-Inch Mini Pendant

kitchen pendant light

These champagne bronze fixtures helped lighten up the kitchen lighting—and were a better match with Haley's updated cabinet hardware.

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Delta Trask Champagne Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Delta Trask Faucet

This sleek and stylish faucet is a real workhorse, offering a 360-degree swiveling spout to reach every corner of the sink, and a MagnaTite docking system that ensures the pull-down spray nozzle slips right back into place.

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