Our Guide to Conquering Kitchen Drawer and Cabinet Clutter Once and for All

Yes, you can wrangle the chaos in your kitchen cabinets—Haley Cairo shows us how in the latest episode of Simply.

If your kitchen cabinets and drawers have devolved into chaos, follow our step-by-step guide to reorganize. In this episode of Simply, Haley Cairo shows us how, starting with sketching out a plan and finding a spot for each item. Once you have a plan in place, shop the cabinet and drawer organizers below to make it a reality.

Sketch It Out

Before you start reorganizing, sketch out a quick plan of the drawers and cabinets in your kitchen to decide where everything will live. You don't have to stick to the plan completely, but it will serve as a guide and help you figure out which organizers or storage containers you might need.

Organize the Junk Drawer(s)

Start by removing everything (yes, everything!) from the drawers. While the drawers are empty, you can wipe them down and clear away any crumbs. Next, group the items into categories and use clear organizers to sort them.

As long as they're organized, you don't have to limit yourself to just one "junk" drawer. Haley found that she had enough for three drawers with distinct purposes: a classic junk drawer, another for electronics and chargers, and a third for grab-and-go items like sunglasses.

Corral the Kitchen Utensil Drawers

Haley followed the same process to reorganize her kitchen utensils: remove all of the items, then group them into categories. Follow her lead and let the drawer closest to the stove hold the cooking utensils you reach for all the time, while a drawer that's farther away can stash entertaining essentials you use less often, like serving spoons and wine stoppers.

Declutter the Cabinets

Again, start by taking everything out of the cabinet and tossing anything you no longer use or need. Haley installed pull-out drawers in the lower cabinets to help make everything more accessible. Installing these rolling drawers is easier than you might think, thanks to a paper template which shows you exactly where you need to drill into the cabinets.

Tackle the Spice Cabinet

To make the spice cabinet above her microwave more functional, Haley ensured that each bottle was easy to see. An expandable shelf riser holds larger spice bottles, while an adhesive on-the-door organizer stores smaller bottles. Now, she can find the coriander or turmeric without having to rummage through the cabinet.

Shop the Organizers

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Acrylic Junk Drawer Organizers

Simply Video, Clear Acrylic Junk Drawer Organizers

To tackle the typical junk drawer chaos, invest in a set of clear organizing trays. They come in various sizes, so you can find the right fit for everything from paper clips to pencils.

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Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Divider

Simply Video, Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Divider

Once you sort your kitchen utensils into categories, keep them tidy with these stylish bamboo drawer dividers.

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Bamboo Stackable Trays

Simply Video, Bamboo Stackable Trays

These 15-inch-long stackable trays are perfectly sized for storing kitchen tools like spatulas and wooden spoons.

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Expandable Spice Shelf Organizer

Simply Kitchen Video, Spice Rack with risers

These bamboo risers not only look nice in a cabinet, but they ensure you can see the label on each spice bottle, making them easy to grab.

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Pull-Out Drawer Cabinet Organizer

Simply Video, Pull-Out Cabinet Drawer

Instead of reaching into the back of the drawer to hunt for that missing pot or pan, install a rolling drawer to hold cookware or small appliances.

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