6 Refrigerator Storage Ideas—Use This Extra 30-by-70-Inch Space!

Hint: Free up kitchen counter space with the refrigerator side shelf.

Even if you think you're taking full advantage of every drawer and cabinet in your kitchen, there may be one storage spot you're likely overlooking: the side of your refrigerator. If you have a magnetic fridge, this large 30-by-70-inch surface is full of storage potential. Particularly for those who don't have a custom kitchen, the exposed sides of the fridge and even the appliance gap between the refrigerator and oven can help double your kitchen storage space. Here are the best magnetic shelves, spice tins, and more to boost your fridge's organizing abilities.

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Magnetic Organization Rack

White magnetic refrigerator storage rack with shelf, paper towel holder, wooden towel rack, and hooks
West Elm

Unlike organizers put to work inside your fridge, those on the front or side of the refrigerator become a visible part of your kitchen decor. You'll want to pick sleek and stylish ones, like this white and wood storage rack with shelves for spices and a bar for hand towels.

To buy: $52, westelm.com.

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Wooden Shelving Unit

Wooden Magnetic Refrigerator Storage Rack with Three Shelves Placed on a Stainless Fridge

Want to warm up the look of a stark white or stainless steel fridge? Pop on this three-tier wooden storage shelf. It can hold all of the essentials you reach for daily, like coffee beans and your favorite mug. Thanks to suction cups that stick to the top of the fridge and magnets on the sides of the shelf, this organizer is super sturdy.

To buy: $99, urbanoutfitters.com.

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Magnetic Spice Tins

three metal cylindrical magnetic spice tins
Container Store

An easy way to free up valuable space in kitchen drawers or cabinets? Use the side of your fridge for spice storage. Not only are these spice tins magnetic, but they also have see-through lids so you can spot the cardamom or cloves at a glance.

To buy: $19 for 12, amazon.com.

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Magnetic Shelf

small white magnetic refrigerator shelf with a bottle of oil and a small white creamer container

If you don't have room for a full storage rack because other appliances are in the way, opt for this small shelf that measures only 11-by-5 inches. It's perfectly sized to hold cooking essentials like salt and pepper.

To buy: $35, crateandbarrel.com.

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Rolling Storage Cart

slender rolling kitchen storage cart with three shelves full of water bottles, wine bottles, spices, and condiments

If you have an unsightly appliance gap between your fridge and oven, why not make that empty space work for you? This slender rolling storage cart is just five inches wide but has three shelves to stash many jars and bottles.

To buy: $145, williams-sonoma.com.

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Magnetic Chalkboard Calendar

magnetic chalkboard weekly calendar on a stainless steel refrigerator in a white kitchen

With your kitchen physically organized, it's time to get mentally organized. This magnetic calendar lets your family check what's on schedule for the day, plan out meals, and keep track of reminders.

To buy: $15, JennakateBiz.etsy.com.

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