Feel like your pantry is exploding with stuff? Professional organizer Laura Cattano shows you how to revamp any food storage space, big or small.

Keep in mind these simple organizing tips, and you'll be able to streamline every closet and pantry in your kitchen. 

  1. First, empty everything out and clean the shelves. Check expiration dates as you go, and toss items that are past their prime. Arrange the things you want to keep by category (like baking, pasta, or snacks) to help as you bring them back into the space.
  2. Use wire baskets to corral items by category. Anything you reach for less often should live higher up or toward the back, and the more popular items should be placed up front at eye-level (like lunch snacks and weeknight pasta sauces).
  3. If dry items have bulky or broken packaging, decant them into airtight containers. This option also gives you a visual cue for when that product is running low (so you can add it to the grocery list before you run out). Stash sauces and spices on a lazy susan for easy access. Keep small pantry staples you use daily (like tea or coffee sweeteners) in small bins secured to the back of the cabinet door, so they don't get lost in the mix.  
  4. For heavier items, consider installing a sturdy pull-out shelf. These are particularly useful in deeper pantries so you can access items in the very back without having to move everything that’s in front of them. Measure the interior of your cabinet shelves, taking into account any hinges or hardware that might obstruct it.

With just a few simple swaps, your kitchen will function better for you and your entire household.

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