Upgrade these pantry staples for even healthier ones and your pantry will be looking good―and good for you―in no time.

By Real Simple
Updated November 03, 2008
Frances Janisch

Swap: White flour

For: Whole wheat flour

Since it’s made from the entire wheat grain, whole wheat flour is higher in fiber and nutrients.

Swap: Iodized salt

For: Kosher salt

Grains of iodized salt are two-and-a-half times smaller than those of their kosher counterparts―meaning you get a lot more per pinch and, hence, more sodium in your dish. Kosher salt also enhances the flavor of whatever you’re serving instead of making it taste salty, as iodized does.

Swap: White pasta

For: Whole wheat pasta

Made with whole grains instead of refined ones that have been stripped of their brand and germ, the brown stuff packs more fiber, vitamins, and minerals per bite.