Mini moves to make your kitchen exceptionally tidy. 

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Over the years, Real Simple editors have heard about, written about, and tested countless kitchen organization ideas. Over time, some of these kitchen organization tricks have stuck with us—making it onto the list of organization secrets that actually work. To last in our kitchens for years, these had to be simple ideas that didn't require too much time or money, yet help keep our kitchens tidy every single day. No renovation or major DIY necessary, here are our 10 favorite kitchen organization ideas that you can add to your kitchen this weekend.

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Countertop Tray
Credit: Inspiration for Moms

1 Use Trays to Corral Countertop Clutter

To wrangle all of the condiments, kitchen tools, and canisters that are currently cluttering up your countertops, follow Laura from Inspiration for Moms' advice and use a tray to contain it all. When every jar and canister is corralled on the tray, your kitchen will not only look much neater, but it will also be easier to move the tray out of the way when you need the extra counter space. 

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Shelf Storage
Credit: I Wash You Dry

2 Add Turntables to Your Pantry Shelves

If your pantry is a cluttered mess that makes it difficult to see the condiments and box mixes hidden near the back of the shelves, invest in a set of turntables. Place condiments and hot sauces on one, baking supplies on another, and spices on a third, as Shawn Syphus from I Wash You Dry did here. Now when you're searching for the nutmeg, you can spin the turntable rather than moving all of the spices on the shelf. 

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Best Kitchen Organization Ideas, Metal Pot Lid Holder
Credit: Amazon

3 Invest in a Pan and Pot Lid Holder

The cabinet of pots and pans is likely one of the most cluttered spots in your kitchen. If reaching for your favorite cast iron is always a clumsy maneuver, order a simple metal rack that fits inside the cabinet and provides a spot for each pot and lid. Amazon reviewers agree: they wish they had ordered this solution sooner. 

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Best Kitchen Organization Ideas, Clear Plastic Fridge Bins
Credit: Container Store

4 Categorize Your Refrigerator

Marie Kondo will tell you (and the founders of The Home Edit agree): boxes and bins are essential to a tidy home. And that includes a tidy fridge, too. Instead of leaving food out on the shelves, make it easier to find what you're looking for by grouping food into clear plastic bins. Stash cheese in one, yogurts in another, condiments in another, so your refrigerator looks cleaner and is easier to navigate. 

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5 Establish a Kitchen Hierarchy

When organizing guru Chip Cordelli taught us the right way to organize our kitchens, one idea stuck with us. Create a hierarchy in your kitchen cabinets, placing the most commonly used plates and cups on the bottom shelves, and stashing infrequently used serving pieces on the higher shelves. This way, everyday essentials are within reach and the kids are more likely to help set the table.

6 Get an Over-the-Sink Dish Drying Rack

We've said it before and we'll say it again: an over-the-sink drying rack is a serious space-saver in a small kitchen. It won't take up precious counter space, and it lets water drain right down the sink. 

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Best Kitchen Organization Ideas, Pantry Organizer with steps
Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond

7 Maximize Vertical Space (Even in the Pantry)

When the Neat Method taught us how to declutter our pantries, they recommended utilizing vertical space with tiered shelf organizers. The levels make it easy to see every single spice, jar, and bottle of sprinkles hiding in your pantry.

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8 Install Suction Hooks

When Donna Garlough, the style director at Joss & Main, decorated the kitchen of the 2018 Real Simple Home, we learned the importance of suction hooks. These removable hooks can easily be added to almost any wall, cabinet, or backsplash in our kitchen, offering another spot to hang a dish towel or oven mitt. 

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