This $10 Non-Skid Tray Cuts Down on the Headache of Cleaning Spills Under the Sink

It’s an inexpensive and practical option for keeping the area under your sink dry.

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OGGI Non Skid Under Sink Tray Tout

I never really thought about the cabinet under my sink until a big bottle of dish soap had a small leak in it. That's when I discovered that crawling underneath the kitchen sink for a few hours trying to corral a slow-moving, grapefruit-scented soap wave is not a chore I would wish on anyone.

The morning after the soap incident I went online and ordered the Oggi Non-Skid Under-Sink Tray on a whim. It was only $10, and I wanted a small mat that would fit inside the tiny doors of the sink cabinet in our galley kitchen. In less than five minutes, I solved a problem that took me hours of frustration.

OGGI Non Skid Under Sink Tray

To buy: $10;

The simple tray with a small lip neatly held the offending dish soap, as well a set of caustic cleaners, sponges, and rags. But I didn't stop there. The tray has proven to be handy—I've since ordered two more—for keeping my dog from spilling water all over the floor of my office and my kids' snow-laden boots from dripping on our wood floors.

The tray is a little over 16 inches long and 12 inches wide, a compact footprint that I've found makes it a convenient option for small spaces. Apparently, several other users agree; the tray has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.

"Our problem with other under sink solutions were the sizes," wrote a reviewer. "Our house is over 30 years old and the under sink was large, but it has small door openings. These worked perfect[ly]."

The dotted pattern of the tray, which comes in three colors (gray, blue, and red), isn't just a design feature. The small circles keep the tray in place, which is especially important if you happen to have a small, leaky bottle of dishwashing soap.

"These are high quality and do just what they need to do," wrote another reviewer. "What I especially like is that they are completely flat, allowing items to [sit] on them easily."

You don't always notice the small organization changes you make, but the right ones can make a big difference. Get the Oggi Non-Skid Under-Sink Tray on Amazon right now.

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