Everybody in My Apartment Building Owns This $17 Attachable Spice Rack

It doubles as a paper towel holder and gets rid of so much clutter.
By Summer Cartwright
November 20, 2020
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Credit: amazon.com

All of the glitz and glam of New York City really overshadows the reality of its apartments: They (usually) come with little to no storage space. Especially in the kitchen. You get a few drawers and maybe some cabinets. For this reason, I’ve gotten rather creative in my endeavors to find storage options that can expand my small space as much as possible

One of the best space-saving items I’ve found is an attachable spice rack that doubles as a paper towel holder. It works so well that practically everybody in my apartment building uses it. Once one neighbor saw its magic, it was like a domino effect. 

Using the ODesign holder for the first time is like witnessing a miracle. It’s easy to set up (you can do it all by hand, no screwdrivers required) and to put it in place, all you have to do is remove the adhesive’s protective cover, choose a spot on your wall, and push it on. Just like that, you have a floating shelf that gives you another storage option. 

For me, it prevents my collection of spices from looking cluttered. Before, they were jumbled up in a corner in my kitchen cabinet, which made it hard to pick out the salt from the chili powder (and led to more spills than I’d like to admit). It also saved me some necessary counter space—a roll of paper towels takes up more room than you’d think, especially when your counters are less than 3 feet wide. Hanging my paper towels on a wall-mounted holder has given me much-needed counter space that I can use for cooking and meal prep

The simple solution hasn’t helped just me (and my neighbors)—it has close to 1,000 reviews and a collective 4.5-star rating from Amazon shoppers. Others have praised  it as a great storage solution everywhere from bathrooms (it’d look great under or next to a mirror) to garages. Some even opted to hang it inside their cabinet doors. Since it can be stuck onto pretty much any clean and smooth surface, the assembly options are basically endless. And don’t worry, when you stick it somewhere, it actually stays put. 

“I was fairly amazed at how strong the adhesive was as it really sticks to the cabinet wall,” wrote one impressed shopper. “I added seasoning and even tested heavy cups on the shelf and it held without issues. Great compact product for tight-on-space area.”

Below, you can save some space (and sanity) by shopping this miracle-worker in shelf form. 

Credit: amazon.com

Buy It: $17; amazon.com