5 Storage Tips From Director Nancy Meyers' Stunning Real-Life Kitchen

Yes, there are two islands and two ovens!

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What comes to mind when you conjure up images of your dream kitchen? Chances are it looks something like Diane Keaton's beachside kitchen in Something's Gotta Give, Meryl Streep's elegant cook space in It's Complicated, or Kate Winslet's cozy English cottage kitchen in The Holiday. If so, you'll no doubt be impressed by film director Nancy Meyers' kitchen. Why? She's the director behind all those ironic films, and her own kitchen is every bit as amazing.

The woman whose movies kicked off the coastal grandmother design trend has shared photos of her kitchen on Instagram. Outfitted with not one, but two spacious islands, a double oven, white glass-front cabinets, and marble counters, Meyers' real-life kitchen serves up as much design inspiration as her much-celebrated sets. What caught our eye is all of the clever (and stylish!) organizing ideas hiding in this space. Here are five storage tips we plan to borrow from the director's gorgeous home kitchen.

Put Storage Trays to Work

At Real Simple, we're big fans of the countertop tray trick, so we couldn't help but notice the two woven storage trays adorning Meyers' kitchen islands. On the island nearest the stove, a shallow basket holds spices. On the second island, a woven tray with handles corrals green glass bottles, perhaps for water. An assortment of fresh fruit fills dishes and bowls. By containing everything from spices to citrus in trays and bowls, you can leave the essentials out without making the countertop look cluttered.

Install a Dishtowel Bar

On the side of the first island, Meyers installed a slender metal bar to hold dish towels where they're easy to grab. Consider adding a bar to the side of your own kitchen island, or if you don't have an island, attach one to any unused wall space. Try a wrought iron option like a twisted iron towel bar ($20, etsy.com) or a brass towel bar ($32, etsy.com).

Mix Open and Closed Storage

In her enviable kitchen, Meyers mixes both glass-front and closed cabinets. While the glass fronts make the space feel large and open, the cabinets with solid fronts provide a space to conceal less attractive tools and appliances. If you're planning a kitchen remodel (with some well-organized kitchen cabinets), make note of this clever combination.

And if not, you can still apply the same principles to your space. Opt for a mix of both closed woven baskets with lids and open-weave wire baskets or see-through glass containers that will help the space feel more open.

Let a Knife Block Free Up Drawer Space

While Meyers appears to have plenty of cabinet and drawer space, some of us are not so lucky. One trick Meyers can teach us: Set a stylish wooden knife block out on the counter or island to free up valuable real estate in your kitchen drawers.

Store Utensils in Crocks

Meyers lets a large ceramic crock hold wooden spoons and spatulas to keep the most frequently-reached-for cooking tools close at hand. Choose a vessel that suits your style, whether that's a vintage pitcher or a timeless Le Creuset crock ($34.95, amazon.com).

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