My Pantry Has Never Looked So Organized Thanks to These Stylish Storage Jars

 Le Parfait’s glass containers are utilitarian and beautifully designed. 

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le parfait jar

An organized pantry is often synonymous with efficient cooking. There's a reason why chefs are known for their orderly cooking habits, from creating an organized system for stocking freezers to maintaining a workspace that's meticulously clean. If everything in the kitchen has its place and is easy to find, you'll never frantically search for a spice while worrying that the bubbling sauce on the stove will overflow.

Upon examining my own pantry, I recently decided it was time to combat my organizational woes by enlisting the help of Le Parfait. The French jar company offers an assortment of glass storage containers on Amazon, and since I took the plunge and bought a few, they've made my pantry look not only systematically organized, but also incredibly appealing. Thanks to Le Parfait, my shelves are no longer stocked with half-opened sacks of sugar and unmarked plastic bags teeming with mysterious grains.

For storing dry goods, like oats, flour, sugars, and rice, I rely on the 96-ounce screw-top jar. The wide opening allows me to easily measure ingredients for cooking and baking, and while the canister is quite large and sturdy, it's not unbearably heavy when I have to remove it from the shelf. The seal is complete with a two-piece system—so you don't have to worry about brown sugar immediately drying out—and the clear glass means I'm never second guessing what's inside.

"I'm in love," one Amazon shopper shared. "I have several types of Le Parfait jars. The one with the lid is my favorite so far. It has a nice wide mouth for easy cleaning. If my giant hand can fit in it, you know it's wide. I would buy more...and more…"

Luckily, Le Parfait offers plenty of storage solutions, many of which can double as vessels for canning and pickling. Take the Le Parfait canning jars, for instance, which are built with heavy-duty shock-resistant glass. The 8-ounce jars are designed to endure a wealth of preserving processes, like making jam and pickling vegetables, and each jar includes a locking lid complete with an airtight rubber seal. But if canning isn't for you, these small jars can also be repurposed in a number of other ways, from acting as serving decor to storing tiny amounts of grains.

"These jars really are awesome," another Amazon shopper wrote. "They're tight, hefty, attractive, less wasteful than all that cellophane. I use them for all my grains, beans, and pasta, and the small jars are perfect for spices."

Check out some of my tried-and-true Le Parfait picks on Amazon, below, then get ready to show off your newly organized kitchen and pantry to everyone you know.

Le Parfait Screw Top Jar

le parfait jar

To buy: $20;

Le Parfait Super Jar

le parfait jar

To buy: $17;

Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrine

le parfait jar

To buy: $18;

Le Parfait Super Jar

le parfait jar

To buy: 6 for $42;

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