Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

7 Kitchen Cabinet Organizers That Will Magically Double Your Storage Space

So you can put off the kitchen reno for a while.
By Katie Holdefehr
March 10, 2021
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Fact: your kitchen cabinets are probably bigger than you think. Especially if the cabinets are particularly deep or tall, there's likely vertical space you're not fully utilizing or cans of food lingering in the corner that you don't even know about. Be honest, have you ever emptied out your kitchen cabinet and said, "I totally forgot I had this!" while holding a package of very expired food? (Me too.)

Which is why, for a complete cabinet overhaul, you'll want to start by removing everything from the cabinet and taking stock of what's there. To jumpstart the decluttering process, here are seven things you can toss right now without a second thought.

And for everything else? Invest in smart kitchen cabinet organizers that let you see what you have, minimize food waste, and keep cooking utensils right where you need them. This is a kitchen makeover from the inside out—guests likely won't notice this transformation, but it will completely change the way you cook and live in the kitchen.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers, Clear Bins
Credit: Target

DIY "Drawers"

$26 for 2,

To prevent snack packs and boxes of rice from getting lost in the back of the cabinet, sort them into see-through bins. These containers have built-in handles, so you can pull them out like a drawer to quickly grab what you need or transport them to the island as you work on a recipe. 

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer, Riser
Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond

Install Stadium Seating


Whether you're organizing a closet or a kitchen cabinet, the same rule applies: if you don't see it, you're not going to use it. If you can't see that black dress, you're unlikely to wear it, and if you can't see that can of beans, you're less likely to cook with it. 

The solution: order kitchen cabinet risers that ensure you can spot each label at a glance.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers, Cookware Sorter
Credit: Home Depot

Prevent the Pile of Pots and Pans

From $20,

Take a look at the cookware stashed in your lower kitchen cabinets. Is there a pile of pots, pans, and lids, and you always happen to need the one stuck at the bottom of this precarious tower? Save yourself the daily struggle by investing in this cookware rack designed to sort skillets, baking trays, and pots lids. Measure your cabinet carefully, then choose from four different sizes. 

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer, Dish Towel Rack
Credit: West Elm

Use the Cabinet Fronts, Too


We typically think of kitchen cabinet storage as hidden behind closed doors—but this dish towel holder will also put the front of the cabinet to work. A brilliant solution for small spaces, this holder offers a spot to display pretty, seasonal dishcloths. 

Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Elevate Your Dishware

From $22,

Wish you could easily add just one more shelf to your cabinet? This dishware riser is the next best thing. It helps keep the stacks of plates shorter and more accessible, while make the most of a tall cabinet. 

Kitchen cabinet organizer, clear turntable with condiments
Credit: Container Store

The Kitchen Cabinet MVP


There's a reason Real Simple editors swear by keeping a clear turntable in every single kitchen cabinet or pantry: it's the ideal container for your most-used condiments. Give it a spin and don't be surprised if you end up ordering a second one. 

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers, Corner Shelves
Credit: Container Store

Corner the Clutter


When you really want to make use of every inch of cabinet space, turn an unused corner into a tidy spice rack. Each row has a raised lip, so the spices won't accidentally tumble over.