Today’s goal: turn a jumble of pots and pans into an accessible stockpile. Neat Method’s Brooke Nieman and Lisa Ruff show us how.

By Stephanie Harris
Updated October 02, 2018
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How to Organize Pots and Pans Numbered Graphic
Credit: Bryan Gardner

1. Store Strategically

Designate a space for cookware as close to the stove as possible so you’re not running across the kitchen to retrieve supplies. Keep pots and pans in lower cabinets, saving upper areas for smaller items that will be easier to find at eye level.

2. Put a Lid on It

If your space allows, store pots and pans with their lids to avoid spending time tracking down the proper mate. Otherwise nest small pots inside larger ones (never more than three to a stack) and use a rack to arrange lids vertically by size.

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3. Protect the Finish

Preserve the nonstick coating on nested cookware by placing felt or silicone pads between each pan.

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4. Slide out Supplies

Install pullout drawers in lower cabinets for quick access to heavy pots and pans toward the back. Stash measuring cups and mixing bowls nearby.

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5. Create Storage

If cabinet space is scarce, consider using a pot rack, pegboard, or rolling kitchen cart to keep cookware at the ready.