5 Kitchen Storage Spots You're Probably Forgetting

Your kitchen is more spacious than you think.

If we could have one super power, it would be to renovate our kitchens with a simple snap of our fingers. Unfortunately, expanding a small kitchen by six feet is never that easy—but we do have some tricks up our sleeves for magically conjuring extra storage space in cramped kitchens. The key is to focus on spaces you're currently under-utilizing in your kitchen and invest in clever organizers that take advantage of every square inch. Ready to find storage space you never knew your kitchen had? Start with the five kitchen storage hacks below.

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Over the Sink

Kitchen Storage Hacks, Over the Sink drying rack
Bed Bath and Beyond

In a small kitchen, counter space is considered prime real estate. If you're currently taking up valuable counter space with a bulky dish drying rack, it's time to order an over-the-sink option. Not only will it save space, it it also allows water to drip right down the drain rather than into a dish or onto the counter.

To buy: Umbra SINKIN Expandable Sink Rack, $30, bedbathandbeyond.com.

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That Space on the Side of Your Fridge

Kitchen Storage Hacks, Rolling Shelves on the side of your fridge

Unless you have custom cabinets, you likely have a small gap between the side of your refrigerator and the cabinet next to it. Make use of this space with a slim (we're talking under 5 inches wide) rolling shelf. This slender tiered shelf lets you hide condiments, pantry supplies, and more. Three different height options let you choose the one that lines up with your lower countertop, so this discreet organizer can hide out of sight yet within reach.

To buy: Mobile Shelving Unit, from $27, amazon.com.

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Inside the Cabinets

Kitchen Storage Hacks, Wood and metal stackable Shelf Dividers
Container Store

Peek inside your kitchen cabinets. Is there a lot of empty vertical space in-between your stacks of cups and bowls and the shelf above? If you answered yes, it's time to invest in stacking shelves that can make use of this empty space. Add a bamboo shelf to a tall cabinet, and you'll instantly double the amount of tea cups, dishes, and bowls you can stash inside.

To buy: Bamboo Stackable Shelf, $12, containerstore.com.

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Under Open Shelving

under-shelf white and wood kitchen storage shelf
West Elm

If you have open shelving or even a single floating shelf in your kitchen, make use of the space below it with this under-shelf storage rack. Use the basket to stash plastic wrap or tin foil, then let the hooks hold dish cloths or oven mitts.

To buy: Under-Shelf Storage Rack, $33, westelm.com.

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Hanging Overhead

Rustic Wire Hanging Baskets

Your kitchen likely has a lot of vertical space you aren't currently using. Consider installing this three-tiered hanging basket from the ceiling, then let it hold fruits and vegetables that don't need to be refrigerated.

To buy: Rustic Wire 3-Tier Hanging Basket, $15, worldmarket.com.

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