How to Organize Your Fridge (and Keep It That Way)

If your fridge organization plans swiftly dissolve into chaos, Simply host Haley Cairo has some smart strategies to help you keep everything in control.
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If you've seen all those Instagram refrigerator makeovers and wondered how you can get the look, it's all about creating zones, utilizing clear containers that help you see what you already have, and finding ways to ensure your produce lasts as long as possible to avoid food waste.

To start, give your refrigerator a really good deep clean so you have a blank slate, and make sure you ditch any old leftovers or past-their-prime condiments. Then, think about what you generally stock in your fridge, and take measurements so you can optimize every inch of your refrigerator.

You can then determine which organization tools you'll need to manage your space so you can avoid food waste and a nasty moldy-food cleanout at the end of the month.

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drink dispenser
Credit: amazon

Drink Dispenser


Avoid having cans and bottles get stuck in the back of the fridge with this organizer, which pushes the next can forward when you pull one out.

berry basket
Credit: amazon

Twin Colander Food Storage


Help your berries last a little longer with these storage bins, which offer better drainage to help reduce mold growth.

egg tray
Credit: amazon

Egg Tray


Put all your eggs in one basket (literally) with this simple, stackable storage tray.

long crisper bin
Credit: amazon

Long Crisper Bin


Make sure your veggies remain in peak condition for as long as possible, by storing them inside a separate crisper bin.  The bottom drainage tray helps keep moisture away, so your veggies stay fresher longer.

Glass Milk Bottles large
Credit: amazon

Glass Milk Bottles, Large


For the perfect Insta-worthy fridge, decant milk and juice into larger glass containers. 

Glass Milk Bottles
Credit: amazon

Glass Milk Bottles, Small


These smaller-sized containers are perfect for smoothies, cream, or other liquids.

elabo Food Storage Containers
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Veggie Keepers


Avoid messes in the produce drawer with veggie keepers—they have vents to allow you to control air flow, and drainage to prevent moisture from causing mold to grow.

bins with handles
Credit: amazon

Bins with Handles


These slide-out bins are great for corraling smaller items, like yogurt containers or snacks.

drawer organizer
Credit: amazon

Drawer Organizer


These sleek organizers don't just organize the mess in your junk drawer or bathroom cabinet—use them in your deli drawer to cleanly separate your meat, cheese, and other perishables. 

meal prep containers
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Glass Meal Prep Containers


Whether you're stashing last night's leftovers or the chopped-and-diced ingredients for a week's worth of meals, choosing see-through containers allows you to see what's inside (and make sure every bit of leftovers gets used!). Uniform-sized stackable containers give your fridge a neater appearance

fridge liners
Credit: amazon

Fridge Liners


Avoid glass-on-glass mishaps with a protective liner. (Another plus: It'll make it easier to clean up any errant spills.