Got a small window of free time? Use it to declutter your cookspace in a flash by unloading these extraneous items.

By Betsy Goldberg
Updated October 08, 2015
  • Duplicate tools. (You don’t need three whisks or four graters.)
  • Mismatched mugs. (Buy a nice-looking set instead.)
  • Chipped plates.
  • Takeout menus. (They’re all online.)
  • Ketchup and soy sauce packets.
  • Worn-out water bottles.
  • Specialty glassware you keep on the top shelf and never use. (Examples: tiny cordial glasses, heavy beer steins.)
  • Lids without a pot.
  • Kiddie plates (i.e. princess- or Elmo-themed) that your preteens have grown out of.
  • Restaurant takeout containers. (Invest in a unified set that will instantly neaten up your shelves and refrigerator.)