Make it easy for your family to find the perfect treat with one of these snack storage solutions.
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If you've ever found ancient crumbled granola bars in the back of your cabinet, you know why snack storage matters. You want to set it up so it's easy for people to find the treats they want—and no snack gets left behind.

Depending on what kind of space you have to devote to your snack storage, the best solution could be turntables, clear bins that can be divided up further, or drawer dividers.

Try one of these three snack storage strategies to keep everything sorted, courtesy of the pros at Horderly.

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iDesign Binz Turntable
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Divided Turntable


This divided turntable is perfect for shallow shelves, so nothing gets hidden in the back. 

Clear Stackable Plastic Storage Bins
Credit: Courtesy of The Container Store

Storage Bins

$3-$16 ea.;

Storage bins with moveable dividers make it easy to separate out snacks (and shift the bins as your snack options change). Using clear storage containers makes it easier to see what's available at a glance. 

mDesign Expandable Bamboo Dresser Drawer Divider
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Bamboo Drawer Dividers


For a snack drawer, simple drawer dividers make it easy to keep snacks organized, and they can be shifted to accommodate larger or smaller snacks.