How to Create a Streamlined Tea and Coffee Station

Simply host Haley Cairo shows how to make getting your caffeine fix even more enjoyable.

Whether you're prepping your morning jolt of caffeine or brewing a soothing cup of tea, sorting through mismatched mugs and a jumble of tea bags and coffee grounds isn't an ideal way to start the day.

Fortunately, there are some smart ways to reorganize your cabinet to create a stylish and streamlined coffee and tea station, so you can easily treat yourself (and your guests) to the perfect cuppa.

Simply host Haley Cairo suggests pulling everything out of the cupboard and getting rid of anything you can—like old tea bags and mugs you rarely use.

Then look for ways to streamline what remains and make it work for you. Organizing boxes and bins can make it easy to keep the ingredients for your favorite fancy coffee drink in one spot, so you can simply grab and go.

Glass Dispenser

glass dispenser

Decant your favorite coffee syrups into pretty glass dispensers to make your coffee setup shine.

Condiment Organizer

A large bamboo condiment organizer is perfect for keeping honey, agave, and other sweeteners in one spot.

Airtight Glass Coffee Bean Storage Container

airtight glass container

Keep your coffee fresher longer with airtight canisters—this set makes it easy to pull out everything in one shot.

Gold Coffee Cup Rack

Gold Coffee Cup Rack

Free up precious shelf space by hanging mugs from above, and putting small items beneath it. (Tip: Make sure you check the cup rack placement with your mugs before you install them, so you can be sure to space them out enough to allow the cabinet door to close.)

Gold Sugar Packet Holder

Gold Sugar Packet Holder

Choose a color scheme for your coffee station—Haley went with gold, and used this container to store her espresso spoons.

Stainless Steel Bag Clips

Stainless Steel Bag Clips

Keep bags of coffee beans fresh (and help corral smaller bags) with these pretty clips.

Gold Tray

gold tray

Avoid counter spread by keeping ingredients and tools corralled on a tray.

Adhesive Remote Holder

remote control holder

Haley uses this easy-to-install holder to corral drink mix packets, but it'd work great for a smaller set of teabags or packets of sweetener.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

salt pepper shaker

These shakers aren't just for salt and pepper—you can use them to sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa powder on top of your coffee creation.

Coffee Scoop with Clip

coffee scoop

Never misplace your coffee scoop—this clever version clips right to your bag of grounds or to your coffee station to keep it handy.

Gold Espresso Spoons

gold spoons

Set aside dedicated spoons to use with your coffee setup, like these gold espresso spoons.

Wood Tea Bag Organizer

Wood Tea Bag Organizer

Make it easy to choose darjeeling or Earl Grey with this teabag display that helps you see what you have at a glance. (And if you have a lot of tea, it's stackable, too!)

Slim Wood Organizer

slim bamboo organizer

Haley keeps packets of stevia and other sweeteners in this wooden organizer to make it easier to offer their preferred sweetener to guests.

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