7 Smart Ideas for Organizing Your Kitchen Coffee Bar

Whether your home coffee bar is large or more of a coffee station corner, these doable organizing ideas have you covered.

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With any good home coffee bar comes a whole series of problems to solve. Figuring out how to make good coffee: moderately easy. Figuring out how to store all those coffee-making supplies: an on-going struggle. Any efficient home coffee bar has, at minimum, some sort of coffeemaker, a mug to hold it, and coffee storage; many coffee bars have much more than that, and all that coffee paraphernalia is bound to take up a good chunk of space—thank goodness there are plenty of coffee bar ideas to organize it all into a kitchen corner worth spotlighting.

Between the mugs, coffeemaker, stirrers, sugar, travel mugs, and coffee itself, a coffee bar can be quickly overrun, especially if multiple members of the household use it or several different coffee-making contraptions are needed for making variations such as cold brew or pour-over coffee. If coffee is a lifestyle, crafting an effective, organized coffee bar is key to making it a clutter-free one.

Before setting up a coffee bar, see what can be done to cull any mugs, old coffeemakers, or other tools that aren't used anymore. Then pick a spot for the home coffee station. Some people are able to devote a whole wall or stretch of counter space to a coffee bar; others have to make do with what space is available, while still others would prefer to keep the whole set-up out of sight. Whatever your coffee station prerogative, you'll be smart to pick up a few organizers, such as some mug hooks, lazy Susans, or shelf dividers, to make the most of whatever space is available. Truly ambitious coffee fans can even search for a butcher's or baker's rack, a storage cart, or a set of floating shelves to give the coffee bar a curated look.

Regardless of the final coffee station look, be sure that it's functional. Coffeemakers, which tend to be bulky, should be out in the open, where they can be used. Pulling one out of storage every day can start your coffee-drinking (and entire morning) off on a bad note. Other accessories and tools, including mugs, cold brew tools, French presses, and more, can be tucked out of sight or left in the open, depending on your tolerance for visual clutter.

Take a look at these coffee bar ideas for some inspiration, then get started crafting your own little piece of coffee-drinking paradise.

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Carved-Out Counterspace

A compact coffeemaker—like a Keurig, which needs only some water and a K-cup to brew—can fit easily in a corner of the countertop, especially if that corner isn't suitable for other countertop tools. Hanging mugs or playful décor near the coffeemaker can help dress it up and feel like a piece of the décor, not just a visible kitchen tool.

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Simple Sideboard

A vintage, antique, or brand-new sideboard can make for an excellent coffee bar, especially if you keep it in a living room or entryway and enjoy offering coffee to guests but don't want to abandon them while you dash to the kitchen. Drawers or cabinets can hold extra mugs and stirrers, while a mug tree puts the prettiest mugs on display. The coffeemaker might be brand new and modern-looking, but a distinctive sideboard can help make it feel a little more sophisticated, especially if it's paired with decorative trinkets.

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Well-Equipped Hutch

Hutches offer that just-right combination of storage and aesthetic, and they often have large spaces more than capable of holding a coffeemaker. The addition of a few hooks can maximize storage capabilities, and anything not pretty enough to be on display fits nicely in cabinets and drawers.

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Hidden Nook

This one might require a good bit of planning (and a kitchen renovation), but tucking a hidden nook onto the counter can both make a coffee station easily accessible and easily hidden—or kept out of reach of little hands. Almost everything required for making a good cup of coffee can be stored inside, and anyone who subscribes to the out of sight, out of mind mentality can simply close the doors to hide the clutter.

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Appliance Garage

Make an old kitchen storage idea new again with an appliance garage, which tucks your coffee bar inside its own little countertop cave. Access is easy, and the obscuring door is a little more exciting than standard cabinet doors.

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Pretty Shelving Unit

If your coffeemaking supplies are visually up to it, a simple shelving unit is more than capable of holding everything necessary. Taller or wider units can hold more, obviously, while smaller ones can be optimized with mug trees, stands, and other organizing tools.

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Floating Shelves

If counterspace is limited, as is space for a hutch or standing shelving unit, some floating shelves can do the trick. Mugs, coffee canisters, and more can be lovingly arranged (and out of the way), and the storage tools themselves look and feel like part of the décor.

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