Amazon Shoppers Say This Airtight Food Storage Container Set Is 'the Best on the Market'—and It's on Sale

It’s clear, stackable, and includes 24 pieces.

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Thanks to the popularity of TV shows that showcase carefully curated cabinets, not to mention the virality of social media accounts that spotlight meticulously organized pantry shelves, it's no wonder sourcing solutions that allow your kitchen to appear more put together is on the rise. While there is definitely a desire among many to find food storage containers that offer a dose of style, functionality still reigns supreme. There are kitchen storage containers that combine both, and more than 13,600 Amazon shoppers rate this on-sale set with five stars.

One of the major benefits of the Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set is the volume of pieces you can expect to receive in a complete range of sizes. The set will arrive with 24 items, which includes six extra large (11.83 cups or 2.8 liters), six large (8.45 cups or 2 liters), six medium (5.92 cups or 1.4 liters), and six small (3.38 cups or 0.8 liter) containers. While the set is on sale, each airtight and BPA-free container costs as little as $2.50 with a coupon.

food container

To buy: $60 with coupon (orig. $80);

"I purchased the set of 24 containers, and I couldn't love it more," wrote one of the 2,000 five-star reviewers. "The sizes are great for all of your storage needs. They are very affordable compared to other storage systems, and the quality of the product is excellent. I cleaned my pantry, and I find myself opening the door just to look at how organized it is—no more miscellaneous bags or boxes everywhere. Everything is neatly stored in clear containers with locking lids and write-on labels. They are super easy to wash by hand or just throw in the dishwasher."

Because it's important for the Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set to meet style and functionality standards, every container is clear to allow the item stored inside to be in full view. So go ahead and plan to store pantry staples, like cereal and snacks, inside the container of your choice. You can also place the containers on your counter to keep dry ingredients and foods like pasta, flour, and sugar ready for cooking and baking. When you have leftovers, reach for a container to keep in your refrigerator or freezer—liquids, like soup, can even be stored safely inside.

"I love these," added another reviewer. "They came in perfect condition. I love how they all use the same size lids, so there's no trying to keep track. They stack nicely, and I love that they're see-through."

"This brand is by far the best on the market," added a third five-star reviewer. "I love that the containers are clear and not opaque. It is very easy to see what is inside and how much of each product you have left. I also really like the closing mechanism on the containers. The other brand I bought was really a struggle to put the lids on securely. [With] these, I have full confidence that when I reach for my rice and tip the container, the lid is snug, and nightmare accidental spills simply will not happen. The closure would even be easy for someone with arthritis or shaky hands to use. You will have a forever customer with me."

Not only will you receive 24 containers in the Chef's Path set, but the brand also includes reusable chalkboard labels, a chalkboard marker, and measuring spoons with every order. Shop while the sale lasts, and enjoy a tidier kitchen that's ready to inspire.

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