Time to step up your cord control.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 04, 2018
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Between multiple cell phones, laptops, tablets, speakers, and earbuds, taming the cord clutter can feel like a near-impossible goal. To make the challenge a little easier, we’ve rounded up some brilliant cord catchers and cable boxes that keep cords contained. Leave these organizers at your desk, near your entertainment system, or in your car so you can catch the cords wherever they’re found.


Poppin Mini Cable Catch

Never again will you have to crawl under your desk to search for a fallen phone charger. These mini cord catchers keep chargers and computer cords perched on the edge of your desk, so they’re always within reach when you need them. Use a color-coded system (white for phones chargers, pink for speaker plug-ins), so you never have to guess which cord goes with which device.

To buy: $8 for 4; containerstore.com.


Leatherology Cord Wrap

To ensure that no one in your home accidentally grabs the wrong phone charger, get each family member their own colorful cord wrap. These chic leather organizers snap around rolled cords to keep them neatly coiled. Get one for yourself, and gift one to a friend whose desk could use some cord control.

To buy: $15; leatherology.com.


Travel Cord Roll

When you’re packing for a big trip, cords stored in the the same pouch will end up a tangled mess by the time you arrive at your destination. To save yourself the headache, stow all of your chargers and USBs in this colorful holder, roll it up, and throw it into your suitcase.

To buy: $20; uncommongoods.com.



These colorful cord wranglers slip over a standard power adapter. Shaped like a goldfish or a pooch, the tails of both designs are meant to keep cords orderly. Plus, finding your lost charger will be so much easier when it’s wrapped in a splashy orange or blue cover.

To buy: $13; containerstore.com.


Bobino Cord Wrap

This cord wrap is proof that sometimes the smartest designs are also the simplest. Wind cords around this keeper, and they’ll stay tangle-free, even when thrown into a messy purse. Choose from a variety of colors and several sizes designed to tackle any size cord, from thin phone chargers to thicker computer cords.

To buy: $5; amazon.com.


BlueLounge Cable Box

The surefire way to make an otherwise zen desk feel chaotic? Leave a jumble of cords lying underneath. To hide the mess, invest in this minimalist white cable box, which keeps the cords out of sight, yet still connected to your most important devices. The box can also tuck behind an entertainment system or into the drawer of a tv stand.

To buy: $30; bedbathandbeyond.com.