5 Design Ideas to Make Your Small Home Office Setup Work for You

These clever ideas will transform your space into the functional and efficient home office you deserve.

Looking for some beautiful small home office ideas? Get in line. As more people opt to work remotely (or ditch their traditional corporate jobs to become their own bosses), it's becoming possible to work from anywhere with a solid WiFi connection. If you don't want to drop a lot of money on a fancy co-working space—or several cups of coffee at a local cafe—a home office is the best place to set up shop, even if it's tiny. Hence, the need to decorate!

But a small home office setup brings a lot of questions.

  • How do you create a space that's designed with your professional goals in mind?
  • How do you stay focused when you're working from a home that's filled with distractions?
  • Is it even possible to create a home office that doesn't cramp your whole space's interior design style?

The plot thickens when you don't have a spare room to dedicate to your home office: Is it possible to be truly productive in a closet-turned-office? Don't panic! We're here to help.

Whether you're burning the midnight oil after hours or starting a new business from your humble abode, here are five small home office ideas you can bring to every space. (Yes, even yours.) Climbing the corporate ladder from home never looked so good.

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Position Your Desk Away From Other Screens

While there are plenty of perks to working from home—no commute or sad desk lunches, for starters—be careful of other time-sucking distractions like your television. Take a cue from this small home office and place your desk by a breezy, sun-drenched window.

Not only is it a great spot that won't cut into your room's overall layout, but it will also keep you far away from the TV. Let the gorgeous view (and not the latest political pundits) inspire your work.

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Organize Your Oasis With Simple Drawers

There's more to your small office decor than a great desk. Investing in some home office organization pieces to stash important papers, pens, and pencils, and those piles of USB drives is just as important.

This small home office doubles down on storage with a wired hanger and cabinet full of drawers.

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Add an Invigorating Wall Color

Not sure which room to place your small home office in? Consider which paint colors will be most beneficial for the tasks. Some mental health experts promote using color as therapy and as a tool to promote emotional well-being. This small home office is in a bedroom filled with soothing and energizing greens, the perfect hue for staying calm under pressure.

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Embrace Every Nook and Cranny With Floating Shelves

This small home office desk proves you don't need a sprawling surface to feel like a complete boss. Instead of buying a large, traditional desk, she fit a smaller style in an alcove beside her fireplace. Recreate this look by installing several sturdy floating shelves, skipping the desk-buying process altogether.

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Opt for a Folding Desk in a Small Space

We love some great small office design ideas as much as the next person, but fitting a workspace into your home can be a bit of a downer, no matter how stylish it is. After all, you don't want to feel guilty you're not working whenever you see your desk in your living room or bedroom.

We love how this small home office features a fold-up desk. At the end of a long day, you can close your laptop, fold up your desk, and treat yourself to a night of rest and relaxation, with no lingering guilt allowed.

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