6 Steps to Create an Uncluttered and Modern Home Office

Simply host Brandi Milloy shares tips on how to declutter and decorate your home office to create a more inspiring and functional space.

I really believe you are only as efficient and productive as the space you're working in. When my office is disorganized and cluttered, I get so distracted and start procrastinating—which is never good when the purpose of an office is to work! Not to mention, it should be a space that is inspiring and makes you feel purposeful. Luckily, with just a few products and one afternoon, I was able to finally get things together and create my dream modern office makeover.

File, Shred, Do

Like all makeovers, you need to declutter before you can get to the good stuff. For all of those stacks of paperwork that have accumulated, make three piles: file, shred, do. File what you need to, like statements, invoices, and receipts. Shred or toss what you don't need. Finally, handle whatever it is you have to do. Maybe it's a bill you need to pay or an appointment you need to inquire about…whatever you've been putting off, tackle it and get it done!


Consider a rolling cart for any bulky office supplies, like a printer or other tech gear. It's easy to move when you need it and can be stored away when not in use. Plus, the extra shelving allows you to quickly see if you need to order more printer paper or ink. For actual storage solutions for my office paperwork, I swear by an accordion file organizer. I use this for monthly bills, statements, receipts, etc. It's easy to move and carry around or use on the go. You can keep paperwork in it, and then at the end of the month or quarter, you can move the things you need keep into a filing cabinet.

I keep important papers and valuable documents in a fire and waterproof pouch in case of emergency. A friend of mine experienced a fire, and was so glad she had all of her critical paperwork in one of these, so I've had one ever since.

Functional Aesthetic

Once your desk is clear, it's time to start organizing. I love my desk, and while I appreciate the modern aesthetic, it only has one drawer, so finding ways to store things and hide cords is imperative. To make the most of the single drawer, I used a drawer organizer to house items I use every day, like my AirPods, journal, keyboard, pens, notebooks, etc.

For cord storage, I found a few useful products to help keep things out of sight and tidy. Using cord clips to run the cords along the legs of the desk to keep that clean look. They attach with command strips, so they can easily be removed. To store my computer and phone charger cords when I'm not using them, I attached a cable anchor hidden underneath my desk.

If your desk isn't close to electrical outlets (like mine), invest in a decent-size surge protector that has USB ports and plenty of outlets for all your devices. I store the entire thing in a cable organizer box, which stays right behind the leg of my desk. And because no one wants to trip on an electrical cord, I picked up a beige cord cover that seamlessly blends into the rest of my office decor. Important: Be sure not to hide your cords under a rug, as it's a fire hazard.

Work From Home Details

Working from home means you can personalize your workspace more than you would at a traditional office, so go ahead and add those finishing details to make things comfortable and unique. Since I only spend about four hours in my office a day, investing in a large office chair didn't make sense for me, so I use an accent chair with a lumbar pillow for comfort.

A rug is great for keeping things cozy and also helps to absorb sound during my Zoom calls. A beautiful floor or desk lamp creates a relaxing ambiance, but still provides light I need while working. I love how mine has a USB port for easy charging access, and the marble body ties well into the office's modern vibe.

I used this console table for storage, and also to create a versatile background for video calls. Hanging art is such a commitment, so by placing a console table behind my desk, I can easily swap out artwork, decor, and plants to create some visual interest. And the console is also a great way to store paperwork and office supplies.

I hope these products and tips help you create a space that you can thrive and be productive in! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow me on instagram @BrandiMilloy for more.

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