9 Clever DIY Ways to Organize Your Desk

Personalize your workspace with these easy-to-make projects.


Painted Storage Box

Photo by tellloveandchocolate.com

If none of the storage box options at the office supply store appeal to you, make your own. With a plain wooden box, use tape to create the pattern of your choice and add some color with acrylic paint. It’s a really simple and creative way to personalize your desk.

Photo and idea from Tell Love and Chocolate. Get instructions here.


Belt Memo Board

Photo by abeautifulmess.com

Don’t toss your old belts, save them to display pictures and notes. Glue two wooden boards together and stain them. Hammer as many belts as you wish to the board and add picture-hanging hardware to the back of the board so you can easily place on your office wall.

Photo and idea from A Beautiful Mess. Get instructions here.


Metallic Pencil Holder Set

Photo by Clairebellemakes.com

Copper-toned pencil holders are on trend right now, and you can make one right at home. Buy some metal tubes at your local hardware store and paint them with primer and gold spray paint along with the cork trivet. Glue the tubes to the trivet and add some washi tape to the tops of the tube to smooth out edges.

Photo and idea from Claireabellemakes. Get instructions here.


Painted Magazine Holders

Photo by earlgreycreative.com

Take those piles of magazines and folders and place them in these patterned file holders. With an inexpensive plain set of two from IKEA, you can use acrylic paints in your favorite colors to create a fun design.

Photo and idea from Earl Grey Creative. Get instructions here.


Cork Pencil Holder

Photo by designformankind.com

Not only will you be able to store your pens and pencils in this cork trivet holder, but you can also pin notes to the base. And the how-to for this organizer is pretty easy, too: Glue six cork trivets together and drill holes about two-thirds down the stack.

Photo and idea from Design for Mankind. Get instructions here.


Gold Desk Dishes

Photo by homeyohmy.com

Your desk won’t be overrun by stray paper and binder clips anymore when you have these gold-dipped bowls. You can purchase inexpensive glass bowls from IKEA, Bed Bath and Beyond, or your local home goods store for this project. Apply painter’s tape to the rim of the bowl, tape aluminum foil to the outside of the bowls, and spray paint the inside of the bowls in a gold hue.

Photo and idea from Homey Oh My. Get instructions here.


Herringbone Patterned Pin Board

herringbone patterned pin board
Photo by sparkandchemistry.com

Organize your to-do lists and important papers by putting them front and center on your walls. With two cork boards, a craft knife, and white acrylic paint, you can create this cool corkboard design to place on the wall in front of your desk.

Photo and idea from Spark & Chemistry. Get instructions here.


Magnetic Colorblock Desk Accessories

Photo by earnesthomeco.com

Keep your push pins, paper clips, and other metal objects in one place with this stylish magnetic desk accent. Take a paper circular box (which can be found at craft stores) and glue the magnets to the bottom of the box. Decorate the outside with acrylic or spray paint.

Photo and idea from Earnest Home Co. Get instructions here.


Charging Station

Photo by onegoodthingbyjilllee.com

If you’ve had enough of annoying tangled cords, this simple (and genius) idea is the perfect way to keep everything organized and hidden. Decorate an empty shoebox with wrapping paper, washi tape, or paint and cut holes on one side, plus another hole in the corner of the box (for the power strip). Place the strip inside the box and add your chargers.

Photo and idea from One Good Thing by Jill Lee. Get instructions here.