Home Office Organizing Essentials

Manage your home office creatively with these simple solutions and inspirations with Avery® products.

  1. Check Make it your own

    Organize projects or materials with distinctive labels in a variety of shapes, sizes and easy templates from Avery, then print a look that's all your own.

  2. Check Get colorful

    Keep papers organized and easy to find (imagine!) with Avery File Folder Labels in different colors for bills, business projects, school, car, vacation, etc. Or pick a color for each family member.

  3. Check Pop with color

    Color code activities and special events on your calendar or date book with personalized Avery labels.

  4. Check Easy access

    Organize everyday folders in a decorative box or basket you can keep within easy reach and move wherever you need it.

  5. Check Tray chic

    Repurpose a vintage or modern tray to organize go-to supplies such as tape, stapler, clips, pens, and notebooks. Keep items organized with Avery labels to mark where they belong.

  6. Check Super stash

    Customize a drawer with movable organizers for office supplies and “just in case” essentials. Mark designated spots for key items with Avery labels.

  7. Check Move it up

    You don’t need a desk for a home office. Use vertical space and opt for sturdy shelves to hold your computer and stylishly labeled bins and containers.

  8. Check Kitchen sync

    If your home office is in the kitchen, coordinate your organizing system with your pantry containers using free printable templates from Avery.