Organizing Checklists

Organizing the Kitchen Checklist

An organized kitchen allows you to cook more efficiently, clean up quickly―and find everything you need instantly.

Pantry Organizing Checklist

A well-organized pantry means you’ll always know what materials you have on hand.

Organizing the Garage Checklist

Clear clutter and create order in the garage in just a few simple steps.

Organizing the Kids' Room Checklist

A well-organized children’s room offers two big benefits: Kids can find what they’re looking for fast, and the room stays neater because everything has a place.

Organizing the Bedroom Checklist

Your bedroom should be a haven, an oasis of calm. Keep it that way with a few simple organizing tricks.

Attic Organizing Checklist

The attic is a natural repository for everything from heirlooms to out-of-season apparel. Keep it all safe and orderly by following these steps.

Linen Closet Organizing Checklist

The 12 steps to take to straighten out your linen closet―and keep it that way.

Summer Rental Checklist

Don’t show up to your vacation home empty-handed. Use these guidelines to help you pack wisely—then customize by the type of rental you have, family size, and what activities you’ll be doing on your trip.

Must-Take Wedding Photo Checklist

A week or so before the ceremony, supply the photographer with a list of moments that are important to you. Pick and choose from these 79 photo ops, keeping in mind that each shot should take about four minutes.

Wedding Planning Worksheets

From tracking your budget to starting a guest list, these worksheets will help make your day as easy and enjoyable as possible.