Woffit Under the Bed Shoe Organizer Fits
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These $28 Shoe Organizers Can Fit 20 Pairs at Once, Including Tall Winter Boots

Proof that you can have a massive shoe collection and a tidy home.
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My first New York apartment was so small that I could cram a queen-sized bed in there, and pretty much nothing else. There was no room for a desk, couch, or kitchen table, and a recurring issue was what to do with all my shoes. Boots and sneakers covered most of my limited floor space, creating a serious tripping hazard whenever I was home. I wish I had known about under-the-bed shoe organizers and how useful they are for instantly decluttering small spaces back then.

While I economized on rent, my shoe collection was truly impressive, exceeding the capacity of most shoe organizers that I found. Clearly I'm not the only one with a shopping problem, because more than 1,000 Amazon shoppers have bought Woffit's Under-the-Bed Shoe Organizers to corral their collections. The organizers come in a set including two generously sized shoe bags—one for four pairs of boots, the other for 16 pairs of shoes—which is music to the ears of footwear enthusiasts like me.

Made with thick canvas fabric, the shoe bags offer plenty of protection for the most prized items in your collection. Each one has two handles, durable zippers, and a clear plastic window that'll make retrieving your favorite pairs a cinch. Measuring 24 by 38 inches each, the shoe organizers have large slots that can fit up to size 12 men's shoes. Reviewers point out that you can squeeze as many as four thin pairs of shoes (like flip-flops or sandals) into each slot of the shoe organizer, and that the boot organizer accommodates their tall Hunter boots and Uggs.

Woffit Under the Bed Shoe Organizer Fits
Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $28; amazon.com.

"We bought three of these shoe organizer sets for our married daughter for Christmas," one reviewer wrote. "She loves them because they're sturdy and easy to pull out from under the bed then push back when she's done choosing her shoes for the day. She told us that three were not enough, so we ordered four more and sent them to her. Finally, all the shoes and boots are organized and have their own home!"

Another standout feature is how breathable the best-selling under-bed storage bags are. In addition to keeping your heels, booties, and slippers clean, they'll also help prevent odors from accumulating. Plus, the organizers are foldable and collapsible for when they're not in use.

"These shoe organizers are the sturdiest out of all the brands I've tried," another reviewer added. "They're more durable, thicker, and [they] fit a lot more shoes. And an added perk is that they protect my shoes from dirt and dust."

If your bedroom is overrun with shoes or you want to get a head start on spring cleaning, the Woffit shoe organizers are for you. They'll keep your collection tidy and out of sight, freeing up significant floorspace. Shop the $28 storage solution on Amazon today.