Plus, a foolproof trick for getting rid of the stuff you really don't need—and cutting the clutter in your closet once and for all.
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If there's empty space, leave it! Don't fill it with random items that don't belong just because there's room. Professional organizer Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants stresses that "the most important principle in closet organizing is to group like things together: Shirts with shirts, pants with pants." That way, there's no question about where to find those items when you need them.Related:5 Amazing Closet Transformations
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Come spring, it’s natural to want to give your wardrobe a tune-up, adding new essentials into the mix. But sometimes saying goodbye to the trusty pair of heels that helped land your first job out of college, or that unbelievably cozy sweatshirt you’ve had for ten winters and counting, isn’t easy. Rather than purging, you may end up hoarding anything in your closet with some sentimental value, no matter how trivial.

“Purging clothing can be an emotional endeavor,” says Barbara Reich, owner of organizing firm Resourceful Consultants. “Emotions often prevent the level of purging that’s necessary—and disorganization reigns.”

Once you muster up the courage to evaluate your clothing with an unbiased point of view—or if your closet racks actually start to bend from the weight of your garments—Reich recommends allocating at least an hour to go through all the clothing and accessories collecting dust in your closet. Her advice: Pare down your final selections to the items you wear most often, not the items that give you all the feels. Everything else that's still in good condition can get donated; truly worn-out clothing should be discarded.

After packing up your donations, organize the keepers into categories (think summer dresses, jeans, cardigans), and then by color. For a finishing touch, invest in slim, simple hangers in a neutral color. “The best closet organizing tool is having all of the same hangers,” says Reich. “This eliminates the visual noise in the closet and turns the focus onto the clothing.”