In just five steps your underwear drawer will go from out-of-control to tidy and streamlined.

By Real Simple
Updated March 21, 2017
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Organized Lingerie Drawer
Credit: Alpha Smoot

It’s a common problem—your underwear or intimates drawer is out of control. If you have to dig through piles of undies to find that strapless bra or new shapewear only go make it even messier, it might be time to give your drawer a complete overhaul. Pro organizer Beth Penn gives your lingerie drawer an elegant makeover in just five steps. Once you get all the drawer contents organized, you’ll find you might even find some extra space for keepsakes or sprays.

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1. Envelope Drop

Reserve room for love notes or other keepsakes that make you smile when getting dressed—plus a packet of fashion tape to grab on the go.

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2. Stash of Sundries

Little bottles of lingerie cleaner and spray for delicates get lost in the laundry room; tuck them here to make it easier (and more motivating) to do your handwashables.

3. The Big Sort

>Divide your underthings by category and color. The morning rush is less insane when this drawer feels like a boutique rather than a bargain bin.

4. A Modular Mix

Collapsible, movable organizers structure this open space, giving you an easy system to corral unmentionables (shapewear in one, sports bras in another).

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5. Pop of Pattern

Pretty drawer liners are a visual cue to keep items neat and treat this spot like a special space.

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