This Simple Trick Keeps Fitted Sheets From Popping Off Your Mattress

If your fitted sheets pop off in the middle of the night and drive you crazy, there's actually a pretty easy fix.

The Hack for Keeping a Fitted Sheet on Your Mattress

Whenever my fitted sheet pops off one of the corners of my mattress, it throws me into a philosophical tizzy. What caused the fitted sheet to pop off? My physical space morphs. Up becomes down, a queen size mattress becomes a king, and my sheets are shrunken to a twin-sized set.

However, I recently discovered a small gadget that makes my askew reality irrelevant. With these handy tools, it doesn't really matter what potential causes there are for a sheet to pop off because it won't happen in the first place.

Bed sheet clips, also called bed sheet suspenders, are what you've been missing. Many brands offer a version of such clips, but Amazon's Choice is from Bed Band, which offer sets of four, eight, 12, and 16 bands (from $13;

All you have to do is clip your bed sheet in place under your mattress at the corners with the bands. Once you tighten the suspenders, they'll prevent your sheet from sliding up and popping off whenever you roll over too quickly or breathe too forcefully.

Even if your fitted sheets don't fly off your mattress as frequently as mine do, these clips can give your bed a sleeker look by smoothing out wrinkles and holding sheets more taut. I've never tried to bounce a coin off my neatly-made bed, but these bed clips are tempting me to try, especially because I know the fitted sheets will stay on no matter how hard I throw it.

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