Home Organization

Ever feel like you’re drowning in a sea of stuff and have no idea how to fix it or where to start? You’re not alone. Find effective tips for organizing everything in your home—from chaotic closets to tiny toddler toys. It’s not only about creating orderly systems, but also figuring out what should actually be taking up the valuable real estate within each space. We’ve included helpful lists advising you what to purge (those three spare can openers in the utensil drawer) and how to let some sentimental pieces go (your math notebook from junior high). Follow our 31-day plan to create an orderly closet out of the mountain of clothing, shoes, and handbags that currently overload the space. Want to get into the habit of being (and staying) organized? We’ve even included a list of habits that highly organized people live by—so you can do the same.

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