Jonny Valiant

Daily skin-care essentials are best stored in the medicine cabinet for easy access at the sink and mirror. Stow the items you use only on an as-needed basis—summer sunblock, tampons, guest soaps—in a closet or a closed cabinet. To save money and cut down on waste and trips to the store, buy shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in bulk and store them here. Decant the products into smaller bottles for the shower and even tinier ones for traveling. (You can find small containers at drugstores and websites like


Smart Storage

Instead of clustering a sea of crowded bottles on a shelf, arrange all your backup supplies (or those you use infrequently) on bleacherlike seating. The Stainless Steel Three-Tiered Expanding Shelf ($30,, originally designed to hold kitchen spices, can be lengthened to fit your space.

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