Clean up a messy medicine cabinet with these tips from pro organizer Beth Penn. 

By Real Simple
Updated March 20, 2018
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Sidney Bensimon

1. Use Every Surface

Take advantage of as much of the interior area as possible—not just the shelves. Stash narrow items, like nail files and lip balms, in caddies that adhere to the back of the door. Just make sure there's enough clearance for the door to close completely.

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2. Sort and Separate

Corral loose items that tend to pile up and spill over. Hang hair ties from an adhesive hook, attach bobby pins to a magnet (not pictured), and organize bandages in a small box.

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3. Establish Order

Place everyday items front and center and less-used products on a higher shelf. Employ a divided organizer to keep every item visible and easily accessible.

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4. Add Storage

Reconfigure shelf placement to maximize storage, leaving enough room for taller items to stand vertically. If you have unused space, the hardware store can cut you an extra shelf from a piece of wood or glass.

5. Minimize Size

Transfer portions of products in large toiletry bottles to smaller containers that fit into the space better. A uniform collection will ensure the small area looks neat and prevent overwhelming visual clutter.