And you can get it for only 50 cents per roll. 

By Elizabeth Passarella
Updated March 29, 2017
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Scott Extra Soft Toilet Paper

I never thought I would be persnickety about toilet paper (and yes, when you are writing about the quality of your toilet paper, the proper word is definitely persnickety), but if I stop at a drugstore on the way home from work, and they don’t sell Scott Extra Soft with the purple label, I will go home empty-handed and tell my kids to use a Kleenex to wipe their bottoms until Mommy can find her favorite toilet paper. That’s how dedicated I am to this stuff. And it’s not because it has a nice feel to it, although it does, or that it’s quilted, although it is (but in a very chic line pattern that is honestly more sophisticated to look at every morning than hearts or flowers. See? PERSNICKETY).

The reason I love this toilet paper is that it is somehow the perfect size: The rolls are big, but not so jumbo-sized that you can’t fit them onto your holder without tightly wedging one side against the wall. And the sheets are thick enough that you don’t need 82 squares (like this brand’s uber cheap and see-through cousin), but you can still, you know, maneuver it. Those two things combined mean that one roll lasts a while. With four people using toilets in my family, a roll can go fast. There is nothing more annoying than hearing, “Mom, I need toilet paper!” or fiddling with that spring-loaded holder every other day. Scott Extra Soft feels luxurious without being so thick that you only get three Number 2s out of it. And it’s a big enough roll that it hangs around for a week. That’s golden in our house.