Jonny Valiant

Most mornings, you need to fly out of the bathroom, so having everything readily available is key. Instead of rummaging through a dopp kit for your daily makeup, arrange everything on a small tray atop a counter. This way, you’ll have all your trusty implements at hand, just like a doctor. (And when you’re not using those items, stow the tray in a drawer.) Separate all other cosmetics by category (lip colors, shadows, blushes, etc.) and store them in containers that fit in the drawer. This will help you to see all your options at a glance—and encourage you to use them. Whether you repurpose pretty tins or purchase new boxes, they should be shallow enough so you can rest the daily-makeup tray on them and still shut the drawer.

Pretty Neat

When buying drawer organizers, choose small boxes over large units with many compartments so it’s easier to customize to your needs (whether you have five lipsticks or 50). Try the Modular Bamboo Drawer Organizers from the Container Store ($4 to $8 each, They come in different shapes and feign the look of expensive built-ins.

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