These storage game-changers will revamp your cluttered bathroom.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated May 02, 2019
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Best Bathroom Organizers, glass and copper storage
Credit: Target

Does reaching for a roll of toilet paper in your under-sink cabinet set off an avalanche of cleaning supplies? Is searching for cotton swabs in your medicine cabinet a 15-minute-long hunt? No matter how small your bathroom is, it doesn't have to be that way. By investing in the best bathroom organizers that provide a spot for every last product, hair tool, and bath towel, you'll magically uncover extra storage space. Want to amp up the tidying potential of these bathroom organizers? Start with a quick (yet thorough) decluttering session before you load up each bin, basket, or caddy, and your bathroom will be more organized than ever. Here are seven game-changing bathroom organizers with the power to make a once-cluttered bathroom feel calm.

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Bathroom organizers, lidded woven box
Credit: Crate & Barrel

1 A Lidded Box for the Top of the Toilet

The top of the toilet is a prime spot to squeeze in a little extra storage. Because this area is sure to be seen, choose an attractive woven basket you won't mind leaving out on display—bonus points for one with a lid that conceals all of the clutter. Use the basket to store cotton swabs, face wipes, and brushes within reach yet out of sight. 

To buy: Sedona Honey Lidded Rectangular Tote, $30,

Bathroom organizers, metal hair tool holder
Credit: Amazon

2 A Hair Tool Holder for the Back of the Cabinet Door

Hair styling tools are notoriously difficult to store and the back of cabinet doors are typically underutilized—which makes this organizer doubly brilliant. Reviewers note that you can adjust the height of the basket, so it can fit most cabinets. Your hair dryer, straightener, and curling iron (and their tangle of cords) will never look neater. 

To buy: Over-Cabinet Hair Tools Holder, $16,

Bathroom organizers, gold swivel hooks
Credit: IKEA

3 Swivel Hook for Towels

If you want a convenient, space-saving way to stash towels for every member of your family, install a swivel hook on the back of the bathroom door. Have more than three towels to store? Just add a second hook. 

To buy: KÄMPIG 3-Arm Swivel Hook, $13,

Glass and brass bathroom organizer
Credit: Target

4 A Pretty Glass Organizer for the Countertop

When you're searching for a bathroom organizer for the counter, it's important that the piece be both useful and beautiful. Look for one that matches your decor style and provides a spot for every lipstick, lotion, and comb you'd like to leave out. 

To buy: Glass & Copper 9-Compartment Vanity Organizer, $25,

Bathroom organizer, corner shelf
Credit: Signature Hardware

5 A Corner Shelf to Maximize Every Square Foot

Even in a small bathroom, there's likely some space that isn't currently being used, like the corners of the room. This tiered, triangular shelf is designed to tuck into the corner, providing a spot to perch lotions, soaps, loofahs, and more. 

To buy: Three-Tier Teak Corner Shelf, $100,

Clear medicine cabinet organizer
Credit: Container Store

6 A Toiletries Organizer to Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet

Most medicine cabinets are an organizational nightmare, but storage with designated nooks for every item can change that. Before you order a medicine cabinet organizer, be sure to measure your cabinet to make sure it will fit, and look for a clear option that lets you quickly find the tweezers or cotton balls. 

To buy: Linus Medicine Cabinet Organizer, $6,

Bathroom organizers, under the sink storage
Credit: Container Store

7 An Under-the-Sink Starter Set

Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, most under-the-sink cabinets could use a spruce-up. To make it easier to grab items stashed in the back of these deep cabinets, look for small shelving units with pull-out drawers or baskets. Then, add on over-the-door bins to fit even more. 

To buy: Bathroom Cabinet Starter Set, $90,