I'm a Shopping Writer, and This Standing Shower Caddy Is My Favorite Amazon Purchase to Date

Now cleaning is a breeze and showering is a delight.

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shower caddy review
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Stepping into a steamy, hot shower after a long day should be a relaxing experience. The warm water against sore muscles, lavender essential oils, a soothing scrub—a shower can be truly transformative for the body and mind. But if, like mine, your shower is a cluttered space where too many product bottles balance precariously along the perimeter of the tub, just waiting for the odd knee to send them flying, the shower can be a frustrating and stressful place.

I used to dread getting into the shower each day, but now I look forward to my organized oasis thanks to the Allzone Shower Caddy. The shower storage system has four shelves that hold my whole family's individual products (my seven bottles, my husband's four, and our dog's—yep—two). The shelves are sturdy enough to support the weight of up to 96 ounces-worth of soaps and shampoos, and they do not budge from wherever you decide to place them along the length of the pole thanks to the included rubber rings. These ingenious pieces of rubber are wrapped around the pole and create a tight fit for each shelf. I purchased this caddy a month ago, and I can confirm that the shelves haven't moved in that time.

shower caddy review

To buy: $60; amazon.com.

One of my favorite benefits of installing this caddy is that it makes everything easier to clean. Now, instead of moving all of the bottles off the tub ledge, finding a place for them, and scrubbing the gross mildew rings they leave on the ceramic just to put them right back, they're all on stainless steel shelves that won't rust or take on mold in the damp environment. I'm also a fan of the walls that sit around each shelf to keep our bottles from falling onto our feet, something we used to deal with constantly. There are two rods on the pole to hang washcloths or loofahs attached to a rope, and two hooks designed to hold razors, too, and the corner design of each shelf means everything fits tightly into place and we don't lose any valuable real estate within the shower itself.

And speaking of installing the caddy, it was a breeze. The pole that supports the entire caddy is actually three hollow poles that fit inside each other with a spring in the center of the biggest piece for a tension-rod design that ensures a secure fit. After placing each of the shelves where I wanted them to sit on the pole, I adjusted the pole (the caddy fits showers anywhere from 54 to 114 inches tall) to be a few inches taller than the space between my bathtub's ledge and the ceiling. I then pressed the top of the pole against the ceiling to compress the spring, and wedged the base perfectly in place on top of the tub's ledge.

This caddy isn't exactly cheap at $60, but other shoppers who have owned it for a few years mention that it's "definitely worth spending a little more money" on something that holds up as well as this does. And, like me, they said that each time they get into their shower, they're "happy" to see their caddy.

If you desperately need to revamp your shower into an organized space that puts a smile on your face, order the Allzone Shower Caddy from Amazon today.

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