7 Organizers All Small-Space Dwellers Should Own

Here's exactly what you need for an instant organization makeover.

Best Organizers for Small Spaces
Photo: Crate & Barrel

While classic organizers like bins, baskets, and shelves are helpful ways to add valuable storage to any size space, there are some organizers that simply work better in small spaces. When square footage is especially tight, it's these organizers we turn to. Think, a slender vertical storage cart that can slide in between your refrigerator and kitchen counter. Or storage hooks that clip under a shelf, maximizing every inch of space. Just be sure to measure your space carefully before ordering any of these organizers—luckily, they're all designed with cramped quarters in mind, so they're surprisingly compact.

A Countertop Shelf

Urban Outfitters Countertop Shelf
Urban Outfitters

If you only have a very tiny amount of counter space to work with, make sure it's working as hard as possible. To instantly double your counter space, add this shelf that can hold the tools and ingredients you reach for daily (note: this works best for kitchens without low-hanging cabinets).

To buy: $49, urbanoutfitters.com.

An Expandable Coat Rack

World Market expandable metal accordion coat rack
World Market

When hunting for storage solutions that fit your particular space, you can search and search for those with the right dimensions—or simply choose an adjustable option. This metal accordion coat rack expands or contracts to fit your available wall space.

To buy: $35, worldmarket.com.

A Slim Rolling Storage Cart

Crate and Barrel wood and metal storage cart
Crate & Barrel

Measuring just a little over five inches wide, this slender rolling storage cart can tuck into all of those awkward gaps in your kitchen—think, between the fridge and counter or on the side of the dishwasher. Use it to hold commonly used ingredients and kitchen tools.

To buy: $100, crateandbarrel.com.

Under Shelf Storage Rack

West Elm white metal under shelf storage rack for plates
West Elm

Adding some floating shelves to a room is a stylish, modern way to introduce more storage space—but don't stop there! This rack slides onto floating shelves to hold extra plates in the kitchen or a few more books in the living room.

To buy: $25, westelm.com.

Collapsible Storage Bins

Container Store collapsible canvas storage bin
Container Store

When you live in a small apartment or a tiny home, look for flexible solutions that can adapt quickly to your storage needs. Fill this collapsible canvas bin with dirty clothing, carry it to the laundromat, or fill it with your kids' stuffed animal collection. When it's not in use, it crunches down so it can easily be stashed under the bed or in a closet.

To buy: $25, containerstore.com.

Wall-Mounted Knife Rack

Food52 wooden knife rack

A magnetic knife rack is nothing new, but in a too-small kitchen, it takes on even greater importance. More space-savvy than in-drawer knife storage or a countertop knife block, this magnetic option is beautifully crafted from ashwood.

To buy: $50, food52.com.

Shallow Under-Bed Baskets

West Elm woven underbed basket with lid
West Elm

In a tiny bedroom, even the space under the bed becomes valuable real estate. Measure the clearance between the floor and bed frame, then look for a shallow basket that can slide underneath. This pretty woven basket is just six and a half inches high so it can fit under most beds, but it's also 32 inches long, providing plenty of storage space for blankets or sweaters.

To buy: $99, westelm.com.

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