Invest in these organizers now, before the holiday madness starts.

By Caylin Harris
Updated October 31, 2019
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How to Organize Holiday Clutter, Gold Storage Rack
Credit: World Market

Between the holiday decorations, presents, and food prep, it’s easy for your home to look like a messy, less magical outpost of Santa’s factory this time of year. Assess your problem areas and then use these clever organizers to contain all of this holiday clutter in style. That way you can stay sane—and won’t spend 45 minutes looking for ribbons—during the holiday season and beyond. Trust us, your home has never looked tidier.

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Holiday Organizers, Seagrass Baskets
Credit: Home Depot

1 Seagrass Shelf Basket

Baskets might be the greatest organization secret of all time. They can store everything from gift-wrap to cooking supplies without breaking a sweat, but their real superpower is reducing visual clutter. Lots of tiny, hard to organize items just look so much better when you load them into a basket. Plus, then you have everything you need all in one place.

When shopping for baskets, look for woven options, like this stylish Home Depot basket, that will hide everything within reach but out of sight. The white lining looks tidy, and it's removable so you can wash it as needed.

To buy: $17,

Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer
Credit: Container Store

2 Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer

It’s peak wrapping season and your gift wrap deserves better than getting stuffed into a brown paper shopping bag. This hanging organizer allows you to keep wrapping paper pristine and ribbons all together. No more hunting for supplies!

To buy: $23,

Gold Storage Rack
Credit: World Market

3 Wall-Hanging Storage Rack

If you’ve got an influx of holiday invites and family cards (lucky you!), don’t let them clog up your counter or desktop. Hang them up instead. This gold wire frame allows you to easily get them out of the way while putting them on display throughout the season. After the holidays you can use it to keep bills, permission slips, and announcements close at hand.

To buy: $20,

Over the door storage rack
Credit: Urban Outfitters

4 Over-the-Door Storage Rack

Keep your favorite holiday cooking and baking supplies like sprinkles, spices, or flours close at hand with this tiered storage rack that fits neatly over your pantry or a closet door. Keeping these ingredients where you can easily see them will not only keep them off your kitchen counter, but it will also make it easier to see when you’re running low. No one wants to go digging into the back of their pantry every time they need to whip up a batch of Christmas cookies. 

To buy: $49 (originally $69),

Woven underbed storage bins
Credit: IKEA

5 Woven Underbed Storage Bins

With all of this new holiday clutter collecting around your home, you’ll need to clear space and get your regularly scheduled clutter under control. These underbed storage containers keep things like unused clothing, shoes, or accessories out of the way but still protected. Thanks to their rattan construction, they allow air to flow freely through, meaning no weird, plastic smell when you take your stuff out.

To buy: $50,