Cord Control: 9 Ways to Organize and Disguise Ugly Wire

How to avoid an annoying mess of tangled cords.

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While technology has made our lives easier (and lazier) in countless ways, it hasn’t really done us many favors on the organization front. As our collection of tech gadgets grows, so does that tangle of cords under our desks and tv stands. There are a couple schools of thought when it comes to wrangling the wires: Stash them out of sight, or get more attractive wires, chargers, and docks and let them double as decor. Whichever theory you subscribe to, you’ll find relief to your cord woes in the problem-solving products ahead.



Leaf and Bird Wire Clips

Photo by Monkey Business

You can run electrical wires along the baseboards using boring white cable clips—or you can deck them out in adorable leaf and bird designs. These cute wire clips secure unsightly wires to the wall, while transforming them into leaf-sprouting stems. Wire blooms cable clips set (1 bird, 12 leaves), $13.

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The Prettiest Power Strip

Photo by Most Modest

The design studio Most Modest has a knack for elevating the humblest of everyday objects—even turning the white plastic power strip into a wood-and-colorful-cord wonder that you definitely won’t want to hide under the couch. Granted, beauty comes at a cost, but imagine how refreshing it would be to loop the cord around a wall hook and let it all hang out. Niko Power Pendant, by Most Modest, $95.


Stylish Cord Hooks

Photo by Fixaodona

If you’re inclined to leave electrical cords out in the open, tidy them up by wrapping them around a round wall hook, like Muuto’s Dot Coat Hooks (shown above) or CB2’s reclaimed wood ones. This solution works best for pendant lamp cords or colorful cords you want to display. Check out the Color Cord Company’s rainbow of options if you’re looking to upgrade your electrical wires. Dot Coat Hooks, from Muuto, starting at $23; Dot Hooks, from CB2, $16 for a set of 3.


A Handcrafted Cord Holder

Photo by Batelier Handicraft

Your iPhone charger will never slip behind your desk again thanks to this slotted organizer. With spaces for six cords, you can charge all of your gadgets in one place. Wooden cable and charger organizer, by Batelier Handicraft, $30.


Stick-On Charger Clips

Photo by Bluelounge

These cute little clips are lifesavers in spots where you keep just one or two chargers, like your bedside table. CableDrop Cord Clips, $10 for 6 clips


A Standout Sorter

Photo by Great Useful Stuff

This device-charging dock has enough slots to refuel phones, tablets, and laptops at the same time, yet you will only need to sacrifice 5.5-by-10 inches of counter space. The power strip and cords are hidden in a secret compartment under the stand. Multi-Device Charging Station, by Great Useful Stuff, $35

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Clutter Box

Photo by Bluelounge

You know that jumble of cords and chargers piled on top of your power strip? Throw that whole mess in this box and it’s like it never even happened. Mini CableBox with Power Strip, $30.


Sleek Charging Stations

Photo by Ikea

These rounded boxes in white or gray present a tranquil exterior, yet conceal a tangle of cables. If your phone can charge wirelessly (you are seriously so lucky), invest in the triple wireless charging pad instead. ROMMA Cable Management Box, from Ikea, $10.

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Cast of Characters

Photo by Whooz?

Here’s the ultimate solution to the debate over whose charger is whose: Decorate each family member’s iDevice charger with stickers that pack a lot of personality. If you prefer to color-code, choose the solid color sticker set. iPhone Set, by Whooz?, $13.