It's Time to Organize Your Bra Drawer—Here's How

Your bra drawer is crying out for attention.

Spring cleaning brings about visions of dusting, sweeping, and mopping, but it's also a good time to take your organization methods micro. This means taking stock of your bra drawer situation—after all, it's probably in desperate need of attention.

Most of us could benefit from a spring cleaning session to free up drawer real estate. MINDD Bra Company recently surveyed more than 100 women to see how many bras they have in their bra drawer. A quarter of respondents estimated there are between 10 and 25 bras in their drawer currently, and almost 45 percent of the respondents said they were wearing three or less of those consistently.

Organizing isn't only a space saver, it can also significantly impact our psyche and well-being. "While many people don't immediately recognize the significant stress clutter can make us feel on any given day, it can be causing us to feel anxious or overwhelmed," says Justin Klosky, founder of the O.C.D. Experience and personal organizer to celebrity clientele like Kim Kardashian.

In order to have a functional lingerie collection, you first need to edit what you already have. Don't forget to measure your bra size if it has been six months or longer since your last fitting, or if you've gained or lost any weight.

After that, it's time to prioritize the bras you like and wear most. "Letting go is hard," says Helena Kaylin, founder of MINDD. "A few years back, I could barely close my bra drawers (yes, multiple drawers), and I finally took stock of what I had versus what I actually wore. I had 93 bras in my bra drawers, and in truth, I was only wearing four on a regular basis. So at that point, I realized it was time to be honest with myself in terms of what was worth keeping and what had to go."

Here's what the pros recommend you do to give your bra drawer the declutter it needs.

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Remove every single bra from the drawer

It's true what they say about deep cleaning—it will get worse before it gets better. Start with a clean slate, and begin taking out every single bra from your drawer and placing them where you can see them.

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Take out the bras you wear on a regular basis

Kaylin says it's OK to show favoritism when it comes to your bras. Keep these, of course, but take a mental note of why you choose them on a day-to-day basis. This will influence future bra purchasing: "If you're choosing to wear one bra again and again for various occasions, think about what it is that you love so much, and apply that criteria when you're deciding which others to keep."

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Take out any solution or special-occasion bras

Even if you don't wear them as often, it's best to keep bras that cater to specific situations, e.g., a strapless bra or one that only works with a certain outfit. While these aren't your everyday go-to garments, keep them for when the event arises—that is, if you're still interested in wearing the outfits those bras support.

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Take out the maybes

There are many reasons we feel attached to an article of clothing. According to Kaylin, it's totally normal to assign sentimental value to your clothing based on things like the time and place you bought it, or the occasion you bought it for. For these, pull the bras you feel guilty about throwing away. It's easy for your mind to become greedy, so here's the best way to make a decision: Walk away from the pile for at least two hours, and if you're still thinking about the item when you come back to it, you're meant to keep it. The same rule can be applied when shopping for new clothing items!

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Filter through your pile

Unfortunately, there are signs that signify your bra is at the end of its lifespan. Misshapen cups, protruding wires, torn bands, and staining/discoloration are all signs that it's time to toss it. Remove these bras from your pile.

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Get rid of the rest

If your bra clearly shows signs of wear, it's best to toss it. But if it's in excellent or new condition, Kaylin strongly recommends donating to a local women's shelter, or to a non-profit organization that distributes essential items to women experiencing homelessness, impoverishment, or distress. Shelters that take bra donations include Free The Girls, The Bra Recyclers, Donate Your Bra, and Smalls For All.

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