Office Desk Organizing

It’s nearly impossible to do your best work when you’re bogged down with a messy office area. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best office and desk organization ideas, from containers that neatly corral supplies in easy reach to office furniture that does double duty (think: seats with hidden storage or a console with a pop-up mirror that functions as both a desk and a vanity). The pros share their best “shelf-help” tips and tricks for maxing out your wall space instead of hogging the floor—plus, advice on buying desk accessories, office organizers, and more. We have genius storage ideas for college kids, including the best space-saving dorm room products—and clever tips for keeping younger kids organized too: Find out how to create a homework nook your middle-schooler will actually want to spend time in, and pick up some easy how-tos for creating a crafty corner for little ones. Need some motivation to purge before straightening up? Check out our list of 10 things to toss right now from your family command center.

7 Smart Desk Accessories

Dress up your desk and stay organized this year with these fun fixtures.

How to Create a Crafty Corner for Little Kids

Kindergartners and first graders work best in a setting that reminds them of their classroom, says Julie Morgenstern, the author of Organizing From the Inside Out. Divide the space into activity zones: reading, crafting, art display. Sprinkle in some punchy colors—or go bolder, with a whimsical two-tone wall—to boost energy and creativity.

How to Create a Homework Nook Your Kids Will Actually Want to Spend Time In

Starting in second grade, when homework often ramps up, a streamlined environment with clear, uncluttered surfaces makes it easier to buckle down and focus. Think quiet, neutral shades and unified storage sets (folders, boxes) for minimal distraction and maximum concentration.

10 Things to Toss From Your Family Command Center in the Next 10 Minutes

Want a quick and easy decluttering project to cross off your list? Transform this drop zone into a streamlined, orderly space by getting rid of (or cutting down on) the items listed below.

8 Smart Office Organizers

Team players that look anything but “daily grind.”

6 Foolproof Organization Tips Any College Student Can Handle

Whether moving into your freshman dorm or an apartment off campus, these tips will help maximize your square footage and keep your space neat throughout the semester.

How to Clean the Gadgets on Your Desk

The best ways to keep your work space free of food residue, dirt, and germs.    

Complete Home Office Cleaning Checklist

A 10-step guide to cleaning your office in just a couple of hours or over a couple of days.

21 Ways to Restore Sanity to Your Home Office

Trying to carve out a neat space of your own? Find inspiration in these photos.