Office Desk Organizing

It’s nearly impossible to do your best work when you’re bogged down with a messy office area. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best office and desk organization ideas, from containers that neatly corral supplies in easy reach to office furniture that does double duty (think: seats with hidden storage or a console with a pop-up mirror that functions as both a desk and a vanity). The pros share their best “shelf-help” tips and tricks for maxing out your wall space instead of hogging the floor—plus, advice on buying desk accessories, office organizers, and more. We have genius storage ideas for college kids, including the best space-saving dorm room products—and clever tips for keeping younger kids organized too: Find out how to create a homework nook your middle-schooler will actually want to spend time in, and pick up some easy how-tos for creating a crafty corner for little ones. Need some motivation to purge before straightening up? Check out our list of 10 things to toss right now from your family command center.
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