7 Things You Should Never Get Rid Of

It’s always a good idea to cut clutter whenever you can, but if you get rid of these items you’ll regret it for sure!

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Minimalism in having a moment. Whether you've simply decided it's high time to make like Marie Kondo and hold onto only items that bring you joy, or you're preparing for a move and a subsequent fresh start, a purge of your possessions is almost always a good idea. Just make sure you don't toss out these things in the process:


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Although you may want to digitize these later, you'll likely regret losing them forever. In a Yelp thread titled "Old family photos… What do I do with them?", one commenter wrote: "My mom saw a bunch of old photos at that antique store… when she was here and she told me that if I dumped all her old photos in an antique store for strangers to rummage through, she would haunt me all my life." Makes sense.

Necessary Kitchen Supplies

Organizing consultant Jeffrey Phillip suggests that you "take kitchen utensils you only use once, or a couple of times a year and stash them in a canister in your pantry." This way, when it comes time to downsize, this canister is the first to go. Before donating these unused utensils and any duplicates, check out our Essential Kitchen Tools Checklist to make sure you'll have what you need.

Family Heirlooms

After you determine which of these items have history and meaning, do the Marie Kondo test: When you hold the item in your hands, does it spark joy? If not, ask your family if anyone else wants to house it. That's what family is for, right?


"I can't tell you the number of people who go on massive decluttering binges and don't take the time to clear all their personal information," advises Geralin Thomas, owner of Metropolitan Organizing who has also appeared on A&E's Hoarders. So sell or donate electronics only after wiping everything clean!


If you've been stockpiling old birthday cards and assorted loose ends, feel free to ditch those. But don't lose your important documents in the shuffle. According to writer Thorin Klosowski: "you want to keep physical copies of anything related to state or federal matters, including certifications, licenses, or deeds." Social security cards, insurance policies, ID cards and passports are on this list, as well.


Maybe you've accumulated more porcelain poodles or paper weights than you know what to do with… the thing about collections is your loved ones have probably been gifting you extraneous poodles and paperweights for years. Ditch the ones gathering dust and display the rest.

Emergency Supplies

Now is not the time to get rid of your first aid kit, extra batteries, and flashlight. If you don't have emergency supplies, start with this list of bug-out bag essentials.

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