I've got more room in my cabinets, I tossed all those old icky takeout containers—and I've never been happier. 

By Alex Richards
Updated June 05, 2018
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I’ve lived in some seriously tiny New York apartments. One was so small I had to chop vegetables on my coffee table and there was basically no hope of storing leftovers (shelf space—what’s that?!). If it didn’t get eaten, it got chucked. But, I recently came across these Nesting Glass Storage Containers, and they’re a serious game (and sanity) changer. No joke, had I known about these containers during my teeny kitchen days, I’m pretty sure I would have been a lot more Zen (and wasted far less food).

As soon as a friend told me about these containers, I gleefully tossed all the horrible Chinese food containers and tiny plastic pots with the warped and mismatched lids, and replaced them with these sleek rainbow colored storage containers. All four of them are super easy and durable to use, with tough, thermal shock glass and sturdy, air-tight plastic lids (the lids nest too, not just the containers).

Now, I can make my favorite mac n cheese right in the 11” XL dish, bake it in the oven, and then transfer the leftovers to the smaller 7” dish. Homemade muffins go in the 9” container, and extra pesto fits in the 5” container—and then goes right into the freezer.

Once we’ve eaten the leftovers and scarfed up all the muffins, these nesting storage containers easily fit in my dishwasher, and then save a ton of space by stacking inside each other in one of my (still small) kitchen cabinets. Oven to freezer to dishwasher—I mean, seriously? Swoon.