Plan a (Relatively) Stressless House Move

Bubble wrap. It is expensive compared with packing paper but comes in handy to protect artwork framed behind glass and extremely fragile china and glassware, which should be wrapped in bubble wrap and then in packing paper.
Box cutters. They will help make unpacking a breeze.
Permanent markers. Get thick ones to mark your boxes for easy identification. Label boxes on the sides, not the tops, which may be covered by other boxes.
Mattress bags and furniture pads. If you’ve hired a full-service moving company, it will supply everything needed to protect your furniture as part of your total move cost. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll have to buy the bags for $3 to $6 and rent the pads for about $10 per dozen. Both are available from the leading truck-rental companies.
Dollies and hand carts. If you’re moving yourself, your back will thank you for using wheels to move heavy loads. Dollies and hand carts can be rented for about $10 a day wherever you get your truck. You can also buy furniture slides there. These go beneath the feet of heavy items, such as a couch, allowing you to easily slide them across the floor without damaging it.

Ready to get started? Use these Moving Packing Tips.