Plan a (Relatively) Stressless House Move

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What You’ll Need

When planning your move, don’t forget the packing supplies. You can expect to spend around $250 or more on what’s needed to move the belongings of a couple or a small family. And keep in mind, it’s always better to get too many materials than too few. You don’t need last-minute box-gathering trips adding to the stress of your move. Here’s a list of what to have on hand.
Regular boxes. If you’re moving good stuff―and why would you pay to move bad stuff?―you should use good boxes. If you have used boxes and they’re in decent shape (not bent, torn, or damp), go ahead and use those. Hollander, however, recommends that you buy new boxes, made of strong corrugated cardboard (with an edge-crush test rating of at least 32 pounds per inch printed on the box). They cost from $1 to $5 each, depending on the size, but are less expensive when purchased in bulk. Whether you choose old or new boxes, make sure you have a variety of sizes to accommodate the different items you need to move.
So how many boxes do you need? “That’s like asking, ‘How long is a piece of string?’ ” Hollander says. As a rule of thumb, you should count on using at least 100 boxes for a sparsely furnished three-bedroom home, says Neil Vansant of Atlantic Relocation Services, a full-service mover in Atlanta that specializes in corporate moves.