You don't need two of everything. Here's how to have the conversation—without fighting.

By Real Simple
Updated March 18, 2015
Jim Franco

If you're finally moving in with a longtime partner, one of the main obstacles is combining all of your stuff, especially in the kitchen. Whose coffee maker gets to stay? Who has to sell their pots and pans? In the latest episode of "The Labor of Love," one of Real Simple's new podcasts, editor Lori Leibovich brings in an organizing expert and a couples therapist to help answer these questions.

Caroline is moving in with her boyfriend of two years, and he is a kitchen pro. He even has a pasta maker—and yes, he uses it every week. But while Caroline isn't ready to part with all of her kitchen tools, she also doesn't have the space for two blenders, two knife sets, and so on. So, Leibovich calls in Bea Arthur, founder and CEO of the online counseling and coaching platform In Your Corner, and Stephanie Sisco, home editor at Real Simple, for practical approaches to organizing their newly shared space and advice for how to make sure the move doesn't hurt the relationship. Listen to the full episode below, and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes.