Creative Ways to Use Excess Bubble Wrap

It's essential for cushioning breakables in transit (and relieving stress in a literal pinch). But this post office darling can do so much more. Here, it helps out with three practical household hacks.


Bubble Wrap as Purse Shaper

Photo by Corey Olsen

Help your favorite handbags keep their form (and prevent leather creasing) by filling them with bubble wrap when not in use.


Bubble Wrap as Blister Protection

Photo by Corey Olsen

Spring-cleaning? Cushion hands while sweeping by attaching a piece of bubble wrap to the top of a broom handle. Secure with a hair tie or rubber band. (It works great on shovels, too.)


Bubble Wrap as Flower Floater

Photo by Corey Olsen

For easy table decor, cut a small square of bubble wrap and poke a hole in the center. Place a flower stem through the hole and float in a water-filled fishbowl or hurricane candleholder.