The Best Moving Boxes to Pack Every Room in Your Home

Our top pick is the uBoxes Large Moving Box Kit.

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As much as moving can be an exciting process, packing all your belongings into boxes is a tedious task. An added stress: with the increase in online shopping, cardboard boxes are in high demand. Make sure to secure the boxes you'll need well in advance, and don't forget to add packing supplies, like bubble wrap and labels, to your virtual shopping cart.

When deciding the number and style of moving boxes to purchase, first consider what you'll be packing. One expert organizing tip is to declutter thoroughly so you know what you're actually bringing with you. You'll likely want an assortment of boxes in different sizes and shapes. It's also essential to consider the sturdiness of the boxes you choose. For heavier items, you'll want to have small, heavy-duty boxes with handles. When packing lightweight, oversized objects, you can safely use large boxes. In order to find the best moving boxes, we looked for a variety of options for different types of moves. We reviewed boxes that are sturdy, easy to assemble and a good value. Our top pick, uBoxes Large Moving Box Kit, is a set of 12 large and sturdy moving boxes that are perfect for bulky items. The boxes are easy to assemble, hold up to 60 pounds, and can stack out of the way easily once packed.

To help narrow down your choices, here are the best moving boxes currently on the market.

The Best Moving Boxes

Where to Buy Moving Boxes

Even though cardboard boxes are currently in high demand, you can still get them on Amazon and other online sites like The Home Depot, Lowe's, and Walmart. Amazon Prime offers members the luxury of buying and receiving cheap shipping boxes in just two days, while The Home Depot provides a variety of delivery options, like store pickup, ship to home, and scheduled delivery. No matter where you get your moving boxes, consider buying extras in case you have more to pack than you expected.

How Much Do Moving Boxes Cost?

Since you've already spent a pretty penny on your new home, now is the time to save wherever possible—including during your move. The price of moving boxes depends on size and quantity. Luckily, retailers offer options for every budget. Walmart and Amazon are great sites to shop because of their wide selection of brands and affordable prices. Head to The Home Depot or Lowe's for quality store brand moving box collections. You can purchase large cardboard boxes for under $3 each from any retailer above or moving box kits containing up to 48 boxes for $162 at The Home Depot.

Types of Moving Boxes

Whether you're moving out of an apartment or house, purchasing a range of box sizes is essential. Small and medium boxes work well for books, photo albums, and canned goods, while large box sizes are better for decor (think: blankets and lamps), kitchen appliances, and other bulky items. Additionally, consider specialty boxes for hanging clothes, TVs, mirrors, and fragile kitchenware.

Best Moving Box Kits

Moving Boxes

Each room in your home requires anywhere from 10 to 20 cardboard boxes, so investing in a moving box kit is a smart, budget-friendly option. Sold by Amazon, uBoxes's 12-pack of moving boxes can be delivered right to your door. These large boxes come unassembled so they won't take up much storage space until you're ready to start packing. The sturdy boxes each measure 20 inches by 20 inches by 15 inches. Easy to assemble, the boxes are made of durable corrugated cardboard. Each box holds up to 60 pounds and is ideal for oversized, lightweight items such as blankets, pillows, toys, sports equipment, and electronics.

Because they are all the same size, after the boxes are packed, they can be easily stacked and kept out of the way. When combined with several smaller boxes for heavier items, this pack of boxes can be used to pack one large room.

For larger moves, The Home Depot and Walmart offer box kits of 40 or more cardboard boxes to potentially complete an entire move. Bonus: Some moving kits include additional supplies, such as bubble cushion wrap and packing paper.

  • Uboxes 12-Pack Moving Boxes: $40 (was $49);
  • The Home Depot 48-Box Moving Kit: $163;
  • Uboxes 40-Pack Smart Moving Boxes: $110 (was $190);

Best Small Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

Small boxes are very important because they offer the right amount of space for storing a number of items without leaving too much wiggle room for potential breakage or spillage. Amazon shoppers love this pack of 20 small boxes because the compact size discourages overfilling and the handles make the boxes easy to transport. Between beauty products and small decorative objects, it's a good idea to have at least two small boxes on hand for each room. The best part? Each small cardboard box costs less than $2 from any of the retailers below—plus, you can purchase them individually or in large quantities.

  • Amazon Basics 20-Pack Small Moving Boxes: $36;
  • The Home Depot Small Moving Box: $1.88 each;
  • Pen+Gear 30-Pack Small Cube Shipping Boxes: $11;
  • Lowe's Small Cardboard Moving Boxes: $1.89 each;

Best Medium Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

Medium-sized boxes are necessary, especially for kitchens and bedrooms that have a lot of items in cabinets and on shelves. Their size dimensions range from 12 to 22 inches long, and they typically support up to 65 pounds. For heavier loads, consider medium boxes with handles, such as this bestselling pack on Amazon, to make carrying easier. "The cost of our movers to provide boxes was over three times the cost of purchasing Cheap! Cheap! boxes—so the value is great," one Amazon shopper says.

  • Cheap! Cheap! 20-Pack Medium Moving Boxes: $35 (was $64);
  • The Home Depot Medium Moving Box: $1.58 each;
  • Pen+Gear 30-Pack Medium Shipping Boxes: $21;
  • Lowe's Medium Cardboard Moving Boxes: $1.49 each;

Best Large Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

The more rooms you have in your house, the more large cardboard boxes you'll need. Thousands of Amazon shoppers recommend this 12-pack, and some reviewers even claim they are "better than Uhaul boxes." This size is great for basements, garages, and offices that have hefty items like paint cans, holiday decorations, and electronics. Also, consider getting a few for each bedroom to stash blankets, pillows, and other bedroom essentials. Best of all, each box on our list has built-in handles for easy lifting.

  • Cheap! Cheap! 12-Pack Large Moving Boxes: $39;
  • The Home Depot Large Moving Box: $1.90 each;
  • Pen+Gear Large Moving and Storage Box: $1.48 each;
  • Lowe's Extra-Large Cardboard Moving Boxes: $2.59 each;

Best Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

Thanks to their metal rods, wardrobe moving boxes are a godsend for hanging clothes. Not only do they make packing and unpacking a breeze, but they also keep your clothes wrinkle-free while moving from place to place. U-Haul offers three wardrobe boxes for under $50 on Amazon, with hundreds of customer reviews praising their sturdiness, roomy size, and functionality. If you need to pack coats and long dresses, consider tall wardrobe boxes from The Home Depot.

  • U-Haul Shorty 3-Pack Wardrobe Moving Boxes: $48;
  • The Home Depot Tall Wardrobe Moving Box: $18;
  • Uboxes 3-Pack Large Wardrobe Moving Boxes: $38;
  • Lowe's Wardrobe Moving Box: $14;

Best Moving Boxes for TVs, Artwork, and Mirrors

Moving Boxes

TVs, artwork, and mirrors require long and narrow cardboard boxes wrapped in protective cushioned material. Head to The Home Depot and Lowe's for the best moving boxes for TVs. Their TV boxes have a heavy-duty design fit for flat screens. Have a lot of large artwork and delicate mirrors? Consider the budget-friendly box bundles below from Walmart and Amazon. Thanks to this eight-pack of boxes from Amazon, one customer successfully transported fragile art and mirrors during an 800-mile move.

  • Cheap! Cheap! Moving Boxes 8-Pack for Pictures/Mirrors: $40;
  • The Home Depot Heavy Duty TV Moving Box: $26;
  • Bankers Box 4-Pack TV/Picture/Mirror Moving Boxes: $39;
  • Lowe's Basic Heavy Duty TV Moving Box: $35;

Best Moving Boxes for Dishes and Glassware

dinnerware storage

Pack fragile glassware and dishes the right way with specially designed moving boxes for kitchens. Hundreds of shoppers love the kitchen moving kits below because they include different types of boxes for dishes, pots, pans, and glasses—and almost every single one comes with foam pouches and dividers for safe travel. Our favorite pick? This non-cardboard option from Amazon, featuring five storage containers made from sturdy-yet-soft fabric. The padded containers have a 4.9-star rating from shoppers saying they are the "best way to protect and store fine china."

  • Storage Lab China Storage Set: $57;
  • The Home Depot 10-Pack Kitchen Moving Kit: $55;
  • Uboxes 4-Pack Kitchen Moving Boxes: $45 (was $53);
  • Duck 18-Pack Dish Packing Kit: $15;
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